Choose Effective Keywords In Your Content

By Melissa Neilson
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You may not realize it, but you are using keywords every time you write a blog post, or website content. Although, depending on how you use the words, Google may or may not “see them.”You must be relevant to chose up in search results. Start by choosing words that represent the heart of your service, and remember, not all keywords are created equally – some are more useful than others.

You can gauge the keywords that will be most useful based on the following:

1. Traffic 
Is anyone searching for that word or phrase?  Focus on keywords that have results, however they don’t need a lot of traffic, as popular words are harder to rank for.
2. Be Specific
Since the competiton for popular words like “bank” and “yoga” are high, look for phrases that are easier to rank for, like “Bank in Denver” or “yoga in downtown Denver.” In general, the more specific your terms are, the easier it will be to rank for them.
3. Be Relevant
Make sure the keyword is relevant to what you do. If you’re trying to rank for keywords that don’t fit your website, service or blog, you will have less relevance in a search engine result because you have less authority in that area. Don’t try to fool Google.

There are several resources that you can use to do your keyword research. Google makes it easy with Google Ad Words. People use this to buy ads, however you can use it to browse keywords for free! Enter the words you want to focus on and see how they’re doing, or if your website has been around for a while, enter the URL and they’ll give you their best guess on what to focus on. Don’t worry if Google doesn’t recommends words you want to rank for – you know your business better than Google, and you can choose how you want to position yourself online.

The keyword research results will be displayed based on competition and monthly searches for that particular word. Try to choose keywords that have a relatively high traffic score with a relatively low competition score, because you aren’t the only one trying to rank for these words!

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