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Customers carry their phones with them. At ALL times. Have you looked around lately? Everyone is buried in their data. You probably didn't notice since you are, as well! If you own a business, you should seriously consider building an app. 


Customers want to find what they need in a location nearby

Many websites offer location-based services that let you enter your zip code to find results, but smartphones eliminate the need for customers to manually enter any information and instead provide the instant gratification of finding what they’re looking for based on their location.


Notifications in real time

Push notifications have made it easier for any business to get in touch with their customers by sending critical information or marketing offers directly to the user. Emails are easily ignored and sent to spam. If a user downloads your app, then you’re in a good position to engage with that customer.  They are more likely to tap on an app if they see a notification count next to it.


Personalization is easier

Once authenticated, a user wont have to log in again. On a website, you can only keep the user online for a limited amount of time either because of online legal regulations or because a user will clear their cache, making you lose the connection with that customer. On mobile this is not an issue. You can show personalized deals and recommendations. You can take them straight to your homepage or to any other page that you think will convert to a sale. You can show previous activity on the app or suggest something new. There are no limits to how well you can personalize a user’s in-app experience. Mobile apps can be very powerful tools based on the data points they’ve collected in the past. Don’t miss out – personalization is key on mobile!



People find themselves in offline mode all the time. When your app is loaded on the customer’s phone you’re not so reliant on network or Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to continue engaging with your users. 

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