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Feb 12 2015

It’s no longer a secret that utilizing SEO can help your brand reach a wider, more diverse audience by allowing your website to appear more visible in Google, but because the industry is ever-changing, many companies are left working with misinformation or dated techniques which can lead to stagnant or even lower rankings. To help you improve your search-ability and prevent penalties from search engines, our experts are here to reveal some of the most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to SEO.

Feb 05 2015

By now you're probably well aware that utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is an integral part of expanding your brand's recognition and online visibility, but developing an effective social media strategy means more than merely setting up an account and occasionally posting a picture or status update. Your social networking campaign, ideally, needs to to help you connect better with both existing and prospective clientele, and if you feel that your current approach could use some renovation, here are a few tips to help you stay on the right track.

Jan 29 2015

A monumental part of achieving success with your website and online presence is creating a friendly user experience for all of your visitors to work with. If a site loads leisurely, is difficult to use, or is hard on the eyes, there are countless other web pages that can be found just as easily as yours. To keep consumers on your page and interested in what you have to offer, here are a few tips to help boost your site’s usability and convenience factor:

Jan 21 2015

It's common sense that putting your time and money into a website for your business or organization is only worth it if you're going to have an audience, and obviously, the more people who are visiting your site, the more return you should see on your investment. While there are many paid tools you can use to increase your web traffic, there are also quite a few organic ways to raise awareness of your brand and bring in more online users. In general, people tend to be much more open minded about what you're offering if they feel like they've discovered you on their own without an aggressive sales approach being pushed on them. That being said, here are a few tips to naturally put more eyes on your site and increase your qualified leads.

Jan 13 2015

Happy belated New Year, everyone! 2015 arrived quickly, and with it came quite a few changes here at Websnare. It's been a while since our last blog post, and we're happy to report we've welcomed a few new team members to help grow and expand the services we offer; we're still here if you need expert web design and development, but now we can help you take your website further and magnify your web presence after your project is complete. Here is what's new with us:

Sep 12 2014
This is a tutorial about the use of Joomla Media Manager in version 3.3 - along with some other tidbits.
Jul 25 2014

Spokeo stole money from my account this week

I am writting this blog post while waiting for a call back from the legal team at Spokeo. They took two charges out of my personal account over the last week. I called and was told I was issued a refund that will re-appear in my account in 7-10 buisiness days. Basically, take my hard-earned funds, keep them for interest and then return them. However, if I had not seen the fraudlent charges on my account it would have continued indefinetly. I have no earthly-idea how they got my information, but I do know that I never signed up for anything spokeo in my life. After looking on Google.com for others who have suffered this thievery, I found this: About 1,090,000 results : take a look at this.

Jul 23 2014

Well some things just happen - life, love, happy etc. Good design can help these emotions become conversions. Just like I proposed to the girl I love and she said yes! That is the life and love part :)

Yes, this blogpost is not really about development or websites, but my life.

Jul 16 2014

graphic design | logo example | first-place award for logo design | denver web design

Yep at the National Speleological Convention - 2014 - My logo for IWIC won first place. This was a project I took on for free for an organization I believe in. I am so happy that it actually was shown, but I never imagined it would win First Place! Logo Development has always gone hand-in-hand with graphic and web development - I guess I learned something over all these years!

Jul 10 2014

So today I thought I would start with a blog post about my workspace and environment. I thought it might be nice for our clients and prospective clients to see where I do my labor. Many of our clients are surprised by the amount of equipment we use to produce our products. This is my desk, where I work while I am at our office. I tend to hyper-focus on web development and design work while I sit at my desk on typical days. There are those days that are the exception to the rule, but if I am at my desk I am typically working hard on client projects or finalizing deals.Websnare Work Space | Denver Web Development and Design

Jul 09 2014

Well yesterday was my 46th birthday! I spent the entire day in meetings, basically double-booked. It ended up being an incredibly productive day! In 24 hours we have secured 4 new web development projects - all very exciting! Our development process does not discriminate by profit, or client. We look at each client as an equal - if you are our client, you are our client - you get the same treatment as all of our clients! Customer Service is what we are built upon- we know it makes the difference! Our Content Management Systems are refined and easy to use/edit systems that we customize to meet our client's needs!

Jul 02 2014

So, lately Websnare, Inc. has been working diligently.
Lots of new projects.
We have new a deployment and maintainence solution for an existing enterprise-level system.

Including making available to our customers: LMS course development, learning managmement systems and ecommerce ecommerce solutions.

Jan 06 2014

Quick blog from inside the Coffee Shop.  Sitting at Vic's in Boulder writing some code for use in a current project.

I learned a bunch just sitting here - Boulder is wierd...I love it. 

Trying to manage a bunch of projects and developers has its challenges and rewards.

Websnare feels a constant need to better ourselves and our work; not in a cycle of never obtainable goals but one well worth striving towards. 

Jan 06 2014

So it has been an amazing last few days. Really tons going on currently for Websnare, Inc. We have had the busiest summer ever. Lots of amazing new clients and a some challenging projects.

Excited and learning!

The newest projects on our plate will be fantastic web resources and think-tanks for ideas. Challenging designs and architectures with professional expectations.

The social media integrations and community like feature-sets are combined to bring a real CMS backbone with very versitile integrated aesthetic templates. 

Jan 06 2014

Lots going on with Websnare these days! Exciting stuff!
We have been working with many local businesses to establish our working base here in Boulder, Colorado. Since, we moved our home-base to Boulder we have been met with many great clients who are also our friends. We feel very blessed and happy to oblige.

Jan 06 2014

Just figured I had a second for a blog post. Figured I would just mention what I was working on etc. 

I have a client currently: http://bizooti.com  - a new website idea - basically you escrow money with bizooti, and they try to find you the best deals for your dollar.  Interesting project - seems to be a great idea so far!

I put in a few hours with bizooti this morning. 

Jan 06 2014

Today, we are happy to announce that Websnare, Inc. is now able to provide our clients with voice recognition software customized for our clients websites. Each client has a unique set of requirements and experience. The Voice Recognition software is customized for each client's specific needs and wants.

Jan 06 2014

Election day is over - and now the world can get on with the agenda. 

Many were holding their breath to see the outcome of the elections before making business decisions. 

Currently we are working on a bunch of websites!

Jan 06 2014

Fall is certainly here in Colorado this 2012. We have woken up to snow on the grass and the nights are certainly cooler. The fall colors are present and it will not be long until we see the skiers all jammed up on Interstate-70  It is a sad and cicular revolution that drives people to sit in endless traffic jams to then be hoisted up a mountain for the pleasure of simply sliding down it, to repeat and repeat and repeat. Going where tons have gone before, only because they want to show their friends how much better their eco-killing gear is compared to others, or perhaps they are trying to impress that certain someone with their athletic prose. Either way, this ski season in Colorado expect to see the iphone and the android phone on the ski hill. I am curious how much WiFi access there is on the ski hills this upcoming year? 

Jan 06 2014

This week has been busy for Websnare, Inc. Lots of current development projects. It seems every project is at a different stage of the development process. Basically, lots of "balls in the air" - and I am trying like crazy to not forget or overlook obvious items. I have clients with issues that need attention, and there is the need for constant prioritization, attention to detail and consistent quality. The greatest current challenges I am finding to be with communications - it takes time no matter how you do it. If I write my communications down and delegate it is efficient, but still take effort and time out of my day. Time really is the commodity that is non-renewable. I love my iphone (4s) and my Ipad - both of which are fantastic tools for communications. Regardless of all the technological advancements communications is still a hurdle. Comprehension and perception of what is communicated can be a risky variable. Websnare is aware of these possible "speedbumps" to projects and are working to develop a sure-fire way of comprehending our clients needs and wants, and then dissemination of that information to our development crew. 

Jan 06 2014

Well I have received a bunch of calls about Mobile applications or Mobile Apps lately and thought a blog post might help to answer some questions. 

1- I think mobile applications are great, but mostly they are either sales tools or whittled down versions of websites.

Jan 06 2014

I have recently purchased a few different Apple mobile devices. I have a short comparision of these items below.
The Ipad 2, and the Iphone 4s (with Verizon service).  My cell phone was meticulously mistakenly cleaned by the washing machine.
I needed a new Mobile Number so I can support my clients while traveling. Although, I should digress here to explain my prior Cell Phone was far from a smart-phone.

I was lucky to work out a fair-trade with clients for both of these devices. 


Jan 06 2014

Today, I am wrapping up a week of great work and looking forward to a nice trip to some of my favorite caves.  Yes, you read correctly - Caves.

I love caving, spelunking or underground exploration. I have been doing it most of my 43 years, and it is where I feel most spiritual. 

Everyone seems to have their own special niche and Cavin' is mine. It started when I was 8 years old and my father took me to Mammoth Cave National Park. I fell in love pretty much immediately and started reasearching and exploring caves near and far. My life is really pretty simple. I am a father, a caver, and a computer professional. Caving fits perfectly into this equation, it removes me from my computer and gives me a great recreation and scientific study outside of my computer that I can enjoy with my son. I also love that it truely removes me from my computer and email while I am underground. I can then utilize my computer to help compile resources and mapping when I am back above ground. My son has also grown to enjoy this passion. It fits his personality pretty well, as to him the cave is a large jungle-gym that challenges him and gives him something to dream about. 

Jan 06 2014

The latest news on web design and development:

Apple Ipad3 - sold out prior to launch - basically the Ipad 2 with 4g and higher resolution display is completely sold out during the preorder. 


Facebook is being sued by Yahoo - this is a big blow to Facebook as it seemed to be on quite a roll after its survival against the Google Law Suite.

Jan 06 2014

Today's topic is Content Management Systems. Better known to developers as CMS. They can greatly expedite the development time of a website - what used to take months can now be done in a few clicks. 

If you are using the correct system, and know your way around their interface, the web world can become what you envision instead of what your developer envisions. Note:At Websnare we aim to create the website you want!

That said, there are a few noteable CMS "flavors" out there. 

We are going to make a quick list and continually modify this post to accomodate new changes and updates. 

Jan 06 2014

This will be the last blog post for 2011. What a year. 
Websnare grew tremendously over the last year.

We are all pleased with the advancements we have been able to achieve and bring to our clients.

We have learned tons and look forward to a prosperous and challenging 2012.

We know that the technology due to break-out in 2012 is mind-boggling.

Jan 06 2014

Boulder Colorado certainly has its share of web developers and programmers. There is no doubt that there are some very intelligent people who reside in Boulder. There are some wonderful web developers and people with a real talent for design. Websnare is always happy to assist or commit to a project with the right developer(s).

Jan 06 2014

The snow fell last night, and is still falling as I write this blog entry. 

Today I feel fortunate, to have a sucessful business doing what I enjoy and working with the best clients in the world!  I feel very lucky to be able to work in a field I enjoy. 

Jan 06 2014

So I read the news today .. Oh Boy...

Steve Jobs - thank you and you will be missed.

An amazing CEO - an amazing person in our modern world.

I wish I had gotten the chance to meet you.

You certainly had some of my hard earned cash.

The other news is  alarming.

Jan 06 2014

Just another blog entry about web development and design in Colorado October 2011.Since Websnare opened our satellite office we have been busy trying to attend to the dedicated service our clients deserve. We stand by our service to our clients and realize that our firm is only as good as our last representation of our abilities. These days in Colorado I see more web-developer-production-lines ( web designers with a program that generates websites which they will never be able to decipher the code that is spit out of the program), and fewer real focused on customer experience web developers who generate their own code, or at least can modify the code they create. Websnare has been around for over 15 years. We have constantly tried to support our clients - by not only training and instruction, but also the advancement of technology, the scripting of customized code and integration of our systems with theirs. It is our goal at Websnare to provide a valued service -- second to none in the world of web development and internet consultation. 
All in all, the new office has worked out great. There are a few things I would like to share about our infrastructure that will let you understand how we integrated to multiple offices.

  1. 1- We use Comcast for Internet and Voice (we dont do T.V.)(( NOTE WE HAVE CHANGED PROVIDERS IN 2015 ))
Jan 06 2014

Google Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Friendly URLS (web addressing) has become a field of its own. There are many different variables that go into quantifying Google's search results.

Google keeps the formula for search engine ranking secret so people do not exploit this.

Trying to trick Google or other engines is refered to as Black Hat, the opposite of this is called White Hat.

Jan 06 2014

Well as the blog title suggests, SEO practices seem more common than ever amoung our clientel.

Website Maintenance

CMS systems - Content Mangagement  Systems can be complex and require up-keep to continue running correctly.

Jan 06 2014

We decided to try to reinstate the blog feature after the rebuild. So this is my first new Blog Entry. 


Today is Friday, and most of my day was consumed by trying to organize next weeks work-load. 

I have a bunch of sites in development and a few more sales in "the cooker" at the moment. 

I really hope they pan out. 


Aug 30 2013

So today I am sitting at Vic's it is 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. My weekend is planned out, my work is cut and dry. I have been listening to the table next to me discuss predictive mathmatics for finding and predicting weather patterns.  

I keep hearing things like, "The natural question that comes to my mind..",  "If you put out hexagonal nodes you will certainly get stretching, but the sphere...., must use a radius function...", "...In the XYZ  node if we rappell to the disc,... the cluster nodes of the disk, we drop nodes in the program.. blah blah blah" 

Jul 04 2012

It's the Fourth of July today. I am going to a few different meetings today and working on multiple different website projects.  I have current projects that range from simple websites to magazines to very large e-commerce sites. Many of our new websites have a social media elements included in their architecture.

Websnare seems to be growing daily. We communicate with one or two new clients a day most of these clients have specialized projects that require advanced programming or intense web development needs. 
Apr 24 2012

Today there was a huge settlement in a lawsuit in Texas. The summary of the story goes, someone did not like someone else and posted a bunch of malicious stuff as an anonymous poster...they lost the suit and have to pay 14 million dollars by court order. The cincher here is that the post was made Anonymously - which is never has the anonymity you might expect.  Basically, the First Amendment Right to Free Speech are being questioned by this ruling. If you say what you want, and if you say it anonymously; you can still be held accountable, and pay DEARLY.  Remember Orwell and 1984, Big Brother is watching, and he knows your name regardless if you do. The Patriot Act is in full swing and regardless of your intention or behavior you are being scrutinized.

Mar 21 2012

If you walk into pretty much any coffee shop in the USA you will see a bunch of tech-absorbed geeks tooling away on their tech gagets. The life and times of a coffee drinker in the US has changed drastically. There are entirely new methods for finding a good coffee house and a good seat in your favorite venue. Basically, if your a tech user the bandwidth or internet WiFi makes a tremendous difference in your choosing the correct coffee house. If they do not have WiFi and their coffee is unreal.. you'r still heading to Starbucks. (I am not a great fan of Starbucks - only because I realize that Starbucks has put a ton of mom&pop type shops out of biz).

Starbucks aside, the local coffee shop(s) that has survived the Starbucks onslaught should find itself hosting coffee and services to a more tech-heavy crowd then ever before. This type of tech-dom is amoung us and is never going to leave. Coffee fuels code!

Nov 13 2011

Social Media seems to be the "buzz word" of the day. 

Perhaps it should be discussed in our Web Design and Development Blog. 

Websnare offers a few different flavors of Social Media. 

Sep 18 2011

Websnare now has a Western Slope - Rifle, Colorado office.

Websnare has expanded to the Western Slope of Colorado!

We still have the same great location in Boulder - Louisville - Denver, Colorado area!

Now we also have a Rifle - Western Slope, Colorado office.

Jul 24 2011

Summer 2011 is here in full force. Websnare is growing at a frantic pace with many great new clients. 

We have been working hard to incorperate new technologies to help service our newest clients. 

As we look around at the costs/time and competition in the Boulder area we are finding that we represent the best "bang" for the buck!

Our prices are a fraction of most other developers in our region, and our quality is way above standard. 

We think we are the best deal in the western U.S. for Internet Development - both in and around Denver | Boulder Colorado. 

May 25 2011

I feel I need to post another entry to the blog. 

About the phone calls I get daily!

I keep hearing  "horror stories" from potential clients. 

[ Remember Websnare offers FREE consultation- if in doubt please call us! ]

The story sounds like this:

" I paid this developer for a website..."

Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!

"The site does not do what I wanted..."
 Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!


"The web designer never completed the job..."

Websnare only recieves final payment when you are satisified!


"My web developer owns the domain name..."

Websnare will never own your domain name!


"I have no idea who hosts my website.."

Websnare will never own your hosting!


"I wait weeks for updates to my website - I have to call again and again..."

Websnare only keeps 15 active clients so we can give the attention you deserve!


"I thought Wordpress was the way to go... "

Websnare will educate you on all the solutions that fit within your budget!


"My developer told me that I could only have one domain name..."

Websnare will educate you on how to properly register your domain name!

May 24 2011

I have a moment to write in my blog.

It seems that getting my own moment is becoming a very rare occurence.

Between each blog entry I typically find myself working very long hours on multiple projects.

Mar 23 2011

We made a good business move and re-relocated again!

We promise to stay put for a bit!


Websnare has re-relocated to:

1035 E. South Boulder Rd. Apt 315
Louisville, CO 80027


same phone: 720-304-2150

same email: websnare-at-gmail.com

 (( as of 2014 - we are located in SE Denver))

Jan 17 2011

Websnare has relocated - our new address is 4230 Hanover St. Boulder, CO 80305 Our phone number should stay the same - 720-304-2150 Thanks for your patience while we moved. Were settled in and back to work. Transitions can be difficult, but this move was so easy compared to our last.

Dec 13 2010

It has been a while since I put a post in the blog section - so I had a sec. and figured now is the season!


So, life is complex at the moment - lots of new development and some great new clients!

I have been doing a bunch of local travel and meeting some fantastic people!

Oct 17 2010

Oh boy, Monday at Websnare. It has been a busy Monday so far. However, my weekend was great. I will focus on that for a bit. 

Saturday, I went on a hike with a friend to a mountain behind his house. I ran into a horse in the woods that was pretty spooked by our presence. 

The peak was a technical climb, but we did not attempt it. However, we did see some fantastic terrain and found two bubbling springs on our hike.

Sunday, I worked on some audio in the studio, and had a fantastic creative  practice with the band Sunday night. 

This morning I have been concentrating on revenue related internals.  

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