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Happy belated New Year, everyone! 2015 arrived quickly, and with it came quite a few changes here at Websnare. It's been a while since our last blog post, and we're happy to report we've welcomed a few new team members to help grow and expand the services we offer; we're still here if you need expert web design and development, but now we can help you take your website further and magnify your web presence after your project is complete. Here is what's new with us:

Search Engine Optimization
Having a site up and running is the first step to making your online business venture work, but it's not going to take off fully until you're reaching a broad audience and ranking high enough in search engines that potential clients can easily find your site. The new SEO packages we offer can help consumers find your products and services before they find your competition, and we'll help expand your customer base by targeting different demographics and keywords. Our team only offers clean, modern, and sustainable SEO campaigns comprised of technical, on-page, off-page, and local optimization. 

Social Media Marketing 
Promoting your company's products, services, and sales specials through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., is the current way businesses stay connected to their client base and remain aware of consumer feedback, both positive and negative. Routinely updating all of your social media portals and replying to customers' raves or complaints can be daunting and easy to forget about when your plate is full of other business matters, but it's necessary to inform your subscribers of any news concerning your company as well as to maintain strong, positive relationships with your existing and prospective clientele. Websnare is excited to now offer a full spectrum of social media services that range from getting your platforms freshly set-up to effectively taking over and managing your existing accounts. 

Content Creation
Whether you need your blog updated, a newsletter sent out, or your on-site content reworked or freshly drafted, we've got you covered. Pushing out material on a consistent basis is crucial when it comes to updating your audience on company changes and prevailing as a knowledgeable leader in your field, and the more relevant and useful your information is, the greater the benefit will be in regards to search engine rankings. On a similar note, the way your content comes across reflects back on the image of your company, and we can help you sound engaging, coherent, and most of all, well-versed.  

We are proud to provide you with a wide-range of options that will allow you to take your brand's visibility as far as you care to go, and if you'd like to get in touch and inquire about any of our new or previously established services, please don't hesitate. We're here to help you succeed! 

Well some things just happen - life, love, happy etc. Good design can help these emotions become conversions. Just like I proposed to the girl I love and she said yes! That is the life and love part :)

Yes, this blogpost is not really about development or websites, but my life.

Spokeo stole money from my account this week

I am writting this blog post while waiting for a call back from the legal team at Spokeo. They took two charges out of my personal account over the last week. I called and was told I was issued a refund that will re-appear in my account in 7-10 buisiness days. Basically, take my hard-earned funds, keep them for interest and then return them. However, if I had not seen the fraudlent charges on my account it would have continued indefinetly. I have no earthly-idea how they got my information, but I do know that I never signed up for anything spokeo in my life. After looking on Google.com for others who have suffered this thievery, I found this: About 1,090,000 results : take a look at this.

This type of internet fraud needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and discredited. There is NO REASON why this type of theft is tolerated. There is no reason anyone should suffer this fate. Why should it be ok for a company to steal money from anyone, hold that money for a week in their accounts.

After calling spokeo on the phone, I was met with a less than compliant representative, who constantly interupted me and refused to transfer me to a supervisor. It was obvious to me that this representative was on the defensive because his entire day will be fielding calls of this nature. The scripted response was evident and his calculated answers and refusal to let me speak with their legal department as for obvious reasons - they are busy trying to cover their theiving asses.

In short, watch your credit and debit card statements for Spokeo - they will take money out of your account without permissions.

Apparently, I found out through research that if you were to use their services you are automatically enrolled in a montly subscription. This type of trickery takes one time users and charges them for months if not years for a service they utilized one time. This type of subscription opt-in service is shady at best. However, I never used their services and will not pay and will never be ok with this type of internet theft.

Go look at your credit card bill for charges from Spokeo - the internet thieves.

graphic design | logo example | first-place award for logo design | denver web design

Yep at the National Speleological Convention - 2014 - My logo for IWIC won first place. This was a project I took on for free for an organization I believe in. I am so happy that it actually was shown, but I never imagined it would win First Place! Logo Development has always gone hand-in-hand with graphic and web development - I guess I learned something over all these years!

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