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So today I thought I would start with a blog post about my workspace and environment. I thought it might be nice for our clients and prospective clients to see where I do my labor. Many of our clients are surprised by the amount of equipment we use to produce our products. This is my desk, where I work while I am at our office. I tend to hyper-focus on web development and design work while I sit at my desk on typical days. There are those days that are the exception to the rule, but if I am at my desk I am typically working hard on client projects or finalizing deals.Websnare Work Space | Denver Web Development and Design

Well yesterday was my 46th birthday! I spent the entire day in meetings, basically double-booked. It ended up being an incredibly productive day! In 24 hours we have secured 4 new web development projects - all very exciting! Our development process does not discriminate by profit, or client. We look at each client as an equal - if you are our client, you are our client - you get the same treatment as all of our clients! Customer Service is what we are built upon- we know it makes the difference! Our Content Management Systems are refined and easy to use/edit systems that we customize to meet our client's needs!

This summer is shaping up to be the best summer of business Websnare, Inc. has ever had. We are in negotiations for a very large world-wide project that showcases culture and heritage. Another incredibly exciting opportunity!

Websnare is a provider of World-Class Web Development and Design - Located in Denver, Colorado. Servicing the world from Denver/Boulder. We finish what we start, we do not drop the ball or quit projects, we have a 100% completion record for over 17 years. If you are in the market for a developer, we give our clients peace-of-mind and an unbeatable product at affordable rates. Websnare, Inc. bringing the credibility back to the web development industry!

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So today I am sitting at Vic's it is 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. My weekend is planned out, my work is cut and dry. I have been listening to the table next to me discuss predictive mathmatics for finding and predicting weather patterns.  

I keep hearing things like, "The natural question that comes to my mind..",  "If you put out hexagonal nodes you will certainly get stretching, but the sphere...., must use a radius function...", "...In the XYZ  node if we rappell to the disc,... the cluster nodes of the disk, we drop nodes in the program.. blah blah blah" 

I am cerainly no high-level mathmatician - and today I am very happy about this after hearing the table next to me discuss the most boring math ever performed.

Make No Mistake! 

I love what I do - web development in Boulder is amazing. There are great clients, really really great clients. Boulder has really great talented developers to collaborate with and amazing project managers. Overall, I feel totally blessed. I get a break from it all this weekend - I am going into the tech-desert for the weekend to recharge. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will catch up on Monday night!

Again thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!


So, lately Websnare, Inc. has been working diligently.
Lots of new projects.
We have new a deployment and maintainence solution for an existing enterprise-level system.

Including making available to our customers: LMS course development, learning managmement systems and ecommerce ecommerce solutions.

Denver Web Design | Boulder Web Design | Websnare

Websnare, Inc is also working hard to bring our clients newer modern solutions for ecommerce, robust sortable-datatables and modern graphical-aethetical enhancements like Jquery and Javascript.

We have had a tremendous push in the right direction because of some of our client's needs. We took it upon ourselves to research the best possible solutions and then learn the procedures to produce a world-class solution. This is nothing new for us, as we do this every day - every month - every year for the last 17 years!

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Quick blog from inside the Coffee Shop.  Sitting at Vic's in Boulder writing some code for use in a current project.

I learned a bunch just sitting here - Boulder is wierd...I love it. 

Trying to manage a bunch of projects and developers has its challenges and rewards.

Websnare feels a constant need to better ourselves and our work; not in a cycle of never obtainable goals but one well worth striving towards. 

Coffee shop banter - what a total entertaining idea. Maybe we should just a website to post all the rediculous stuff you overhear in a coffee shop? Perhaps evesdropping.com is the next craze.

[I could say a bunch about the NSA but I would like to see my family more often, not less.]

Ok, off to run a few tedious errands and then work on some development projects. 


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