We decided to try to reinstate the blog feature after the rebuild. So this is my first new Blog Entry. 


Today is Friday, and most of my day was consumed by trying to organize next weeks work-load. 

I have a bunch of sites in development and a few more sales in "the cooker" at the moment. 

I really hope they pan out. 


Oh boy, Monday at Websnare. It has been a busy Monday so far. However, my weekend was great. I will focus on that for a bit. 

Saturday, I went on a hike with a friend to a mountain behind his house. I ran into a horse in the woods that was pretty spooked by our presence. 

The peak was a technical climb, but we did not attempt it. However, we did see some fantastic terrain and found two bubbling springs on our hike.

Sunday, I worked on some audio in the studio, and had a fantastic creative  practice with the band Sunday night. 

This morning I have been concentrating on revenue related internals.  

It has been a while since I put a post in the blog section - so I had a sec. and figured now is the season!


So, life is complex at the moment - lots of new development and some great new clients!

I have been doing a bunch of local travel and meeting some fantastic people!

Websnare has relocated - our new address is 4230 Hanover St. Boulder, CO 80305 Our phone number should stay the same - 720-304-2150 Thanks for your patience while we moved. Were settled in and back to work. Transitions can be difficult, but this move was so easy compared to our last.