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Aug 20 2015

Using Google Fonts (https://www.google.com/fonts) is an easy way to add a different aesthetic feel to your website. Finding a font that works with your brand identity will signal to users of your website your values via aesthetics and lend a more individualized look than using standard fonts (such as Arial and Helvetica). Third-party fonts such as Google fonts are generally lightweight allowing them to load quickly. When building or redesigning a site, it is worthwhile to invest some time finding an attractive and functional font that works with your proposed site design and appeals to your target customer base. There is not any one-size-fits-all solution for fonts so it is important to consider how each font will be received by your users.

Aug 14 2015

A burndown chart is a graphical representation of all of the work remaining to be done in a project and progress towards completion. Work remaining is displayed on the y-axis and time elapsed is displayed on the x-axis with a diagonal line connecting the upper-left and lower-right corners; when 0% of time has elapsed, 100% of work remains and when 100% of the allotted time has been spent, 0% of the work should remain. This tool helps developers and project managers determine if a project is on schedule or running behind. Visualizations of different project components can provide a better understanding of actual progress and help budget time and resources more effectively.

Aug 12 2015

Some websites employ a feature called breadcrumbs, so named for the breadcrumbs that one would leave behind to market a path through an unknown trail, that displays the navigation path that the user has taken to arrive at the current page. This can be helpful to give the user perspective as to where the current page fits into the overall site structure. Furthermore, this feature allows a user to incrementally navigate backwards through parent categories.


For instance:


Clothing > Women’s > Outdoor Gear > Jackets & Windbreakers > Women’s Raincoat

With the above breadcrumbs, a user could navigate to any one of the parent categories that have led to the current page (in the example, a single product page). This navigation method isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but can definitely be useful in the right applications such as a clothing website with both many individual items and nested categories.

Aug 11 2015

Using the right color palette for your website can have a huge impact in terms of user experience as well as attracting customers. Websites that are aimed at younger visitors should employ brighter colors and clear, concise blocks of text; vibrant colors will attract the attention of younger users and help them stay interested and engaged on the site. On the other hand, a professional or corporate website may choose to employ color more sparingly reserving its use for calls-to-action, dividing layout sections, or icons and imagery. Cooler, less-saturated colors can lend a clean and professional look to your site whereas saturated and warmer colors can appear to be more playful and friendly. Buttons, calls-to-action, and anything else that the user can interact with should be accented with color so that they are not overlooked. It is always a good idea to employ the same colors used in your logo and branded materials. From those colors, you can choose complementary colors to extend the palette or try using different levels of opacity to lend depth and texture to your site’s look.

Aug 10 2015

Creating and maintaining a company blog is a good way to support marketing and SEO efforts while also building credibility for your brand. Informative blog posts give you a chance to build a brand voice while evincing your company’s topic knowledge. Your desire to serve customers and better your field of work should be the main focus rather than trying to sell products and services; blogging is part of a long-term marketing strategy of relationship building. Also, by creating blog entries that cover subject areas that are relevant to your company’s field, your website will be more visible in searches. On the whole, a regularly updated blog will be one of the most cost effective, and hopefully enjoyable, marketing activities you can use to build an audience and eventually attract more customers.

Aug 07 2015

Is your business listed on Yelp and Google? No? What are you waiting for? Creating free listings at places like Yelp, Foursquare, Google+, the Yellow Pages and Angie’s list can help you get more visibility and business for free. Creating a profile on business listing sites will help expose your company to a wide group of people and create more instances of your business name online thereby helping SEO efforts. Most business listing sites allow you to create a basic profile for free and upload a company picture with contact info and address.

Not all customers think alike and many will search for business or services through several different platforms. Some customers may prefer to search for business through a portal rather than just simple search because they feel that listings on their favorite directory are more legitimate or trustworthy. As such, it is advantageous to list on several different directories in order to capturee the widest possible segment of potential customers.

Aug 06 2015

When collecting information for a newsletter signup or registration form, resist the temptation to try to collect every possible piece of information from a user. Although it seems like this would be the most economical use of a signup form (after all, you have finally gotten the user’s attention), users will get frustrated and fail to complete the form if it is too long; each user is making a mental calculation of how long it will take to complete the form and how much of a hassle it will be.


The aim with a signup form is to collect only the information that will be used for databasing or selling. For instance, if you are never going to send physical mail to your newsletter subscribers, you don’t really need their full addresses; simply asking for their states of residence or zip codes, a single line in the form versus three or four, will give you as granular of location information as you need to run regional promotons while still keeping your signup form as short as possible.


Next time you are making a signup form for a newsletter or your company, try to be as economical as possible and get by with the fewest number of fields necessary. You could start capturing more users with a shortened form.

Aug 05 2015

Using a responsive framework such as Bootstrap is a good way to make sure that your site displays correctly across all browsers and device sizes. Frameworks help designers and developers by providing advanced HTML elements and ensuring proper responsiveness; this means more time can be spent considering design elements and user flow instead of debugging a site that doesn’t scale properly. Most frameworks are open source and have a large community of developers that contribute to them meaning that updates and fixes happen organically, solving problems that other developers have encountered. Of course, developers using frameworks will be bound by the limitations of the framework itself, but in many cases, the tradeoff between limitations and saving time is well worth it.

Aug 04 2015

Nested menus, sometimes called megamenus, are a great way to provide users with easy access to pages deep in your site. If you have a website with extensive pages, such as individual product pages, it may make sense to nest each item page within their corresponding menu categories; these categories may be further nested in top-level menu items such as Products or Services. Organizing large numbers of pages like this allows a user to reach their destination in one action rather than three or four. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, however. Some pages should have their own category landing page, especially if it is something new or something that requires explanation. In many cases, though, nested menus can be the most efficient way to navigate a large website.

Aug 03 2015

Your company’s logo is one of your most important assets. A logo is a crucial part of the larger company brand identity and will be remembered by your customers and prospects. As such, the logo reflects on your company on a level of meaning and a level of style. It is important that your company’s logo displays correctly and crisply in each application.


Company logos should be created as vectors, or lossless scalable image files that can be made infinitely large without distortion. If your company logo is, for whatever reason, not a vector file, a designer can help you convert it to one. This will help all of your branded materials look more professional - no one appreciates grainy or distorted images on print materials or on the web.

Vector files will still need to be exported for use on your website, but they are extremely handy for print layouts where the original source file can be used as an image link. This will help your logo remain sharp at any size while utilizing the 300 dpi standard for printing.

Jul 31 2015

Upgrading your computer’s RAM will lead to faster load times for programs, files and also websites. As software requires a progressively greater amount of processing power every year, the demands on your computer are constantly creeping higher. Thankfully RAM is relatively inexpensive compared to other computer upgrades, and in many cases easy to install yourself. A RAM upgrade will also make webpages load faster; regardless of how fast your internet speed is, your computer can only render pages up to the limit of its processing power. For a small investment, upgrading your computer’s RAM can add years of life, and better functionality, to your trusty computer.

Jul 30 2015

One of the best things you can use a tool like Google Analytics for is tracking user flow or the path that users take from one page to the next before arriving at their final destination. Examining a user flow can show the most common paths that users are taking to get to the information for which they are looking. If you notice a pattern of users going to a page that is buried deep in the navigation, the page could be important or popular enough to warrant being moved higher up in the navigation scheme. Analyzing your website’s user flow could reveal behaviors amongst your users that you were not aware of and will allow you to make content tweaks that will direct them to the information they need more quickly.

Jul 28 2015

A splash page is the initial page that a user views when visiting a website. Splash pages can change to reflect different marketing pushes or time-sensitive promotions or can be static and act as a home page or explainer page. For instance, a company that sells products and runs timely promotions can capture visitors’ attention and display their promotion or offer to everyone who visits the website, casting a wide net of awareness for the given promotion. On the other hand, a splash page for a phone app or service will usually be an overview of the features and benefits of the app; this sort of splash page provides a stripped-down design with the minimum necessary information to convey the idea behind the app without introducing any noise or other ideas that will distract from the central point. Splash pages can be made to display only once or twice, allowing a visitor to pass directly to the website’s homepage if the splash page has already been viewed. In short, employing a splash page allows a website to display the most important information first thing before the user sees anything else ensuring that your message will be heard.

Jul 27 2015

In any design or development process, there is an outlined list of what is expected from the designer and developer as requested by the client called the scope of work. This document will ensure that both parties know exactly what to expect from any given client and make sure that the client gets what they hired the designer/developer to do and that the designer or developer isn’t required to do things that weren’t agreed upon in the original scope. This is not a perfect world, though, and oftentimes new requirements or features will be needed after the original scope of work has been determined; scopes of work can be amended to include the new items at which point the designer or developer will most likely increase the payment amount to reflect the added work.

Scope creep happens when a client continues to request additional work, features, or time without renegotiating the final payment amount - the scope of work creeps upwards. Most developers and designers are nice people who will probably allow one or two new items without charging more, but this courtesy can be abused by clients who feel entitled to unlimited changes. This is a bit like trying to hit a moving target as the checklist for completion keeps growing. For the most fair and square dealing with a developer or designer, any major changes in the scope of work should warrant a renegotiation and new scope lest the developer ends up effectively working for free.

Jul 24 2015

The eye has a natural tendency to scan in the direction of reading. This has led classic design to favor a layout where elements are arranged in the same direction as reading a paragraph. For English speakers (and several world language groups, of course), headlines and copy would begin in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage. Similarly, the company’s logo and brand elements would appear in the upper left-hand corner of the website framing the content below. A user’s eye will move in a Z pattern following a left-to-right and top-to-bottom path along the page. An effective web layout will exploit this tendency and place the most important headlines and copy in the upper left-hand corner. Images supporting the copy can be placed in the upper right-hand and lower left-hand corners to fill out the page (remember not to use too much copy). Even though this technique was developed for print layouts, it is still a useful way to design website layouts as well as reading itself still follows the same principles.

Jul 23 2015

HTML5 possesses a substantial animation capability. The former major animation platform, Flash, is being phased out as HTML5 can deliver animations faster resulting in quicker page load speeds. Apple decided to end support for Flash on its iOS operating system, a sign of the times but also a major disincentive for its continued use. HTML5 is supported on virtually all operating systems and browsers, some of which do not run Flash. Furthermore, HTML5 animations perform better on touch screen devices. Between HTML5 animations’ superior speed and compatibility to Flash, new websites will increasingly opt for HTML5 if they use animations.

Jul 22 2015

Meta tags are descriptive words or phrases that are embedded in the meta information of a website that is not visible to the users but is visible to search engines. Using meta tags allows your site to be more easily found and indexed resulting in better search rankings. Meta tags should be descriptive and include search terms that your industry and customers are likely to use. Appending this information to your homepage and website subpages is a worthwhile step in improving visibility to search engines and ultimately page ranking.

Jul 21 2015

Web traffic can be a great informational tool that explains who is visiting your website and from where your visitors are coming. Using an analytics tracking tool like Google Analytics will provide a breakdown of many statistics about your website such as number of visits and visitors, visit length, links referring visitors to your site, and visitors’ geography (among many, many others). Having these figures on hand can assist in fine-tuning marketing programs and making your website more efficient in displaying information (or converting prospects to sales if that is applicable). If you see that a disproportionate number of visitors all go to the same page, this is in an indicator that what is featured on that page is one of the main reasons visitors are coming to your site. Maybe you could make it easier to go directly to that page or engage in a marketing push if a certain product page is overwhelmingly popular. Regularly looking at your web traffic analytics is a great way to get the other half of the picture in terms of where your users are going (and guessing why).

Jul 20 2015

Some design philosophy posits that the design of something should go almost unnoticed because it functions so well that everything else besides the intended function is transparent and unobtrusive. This method of design which focuses on user experience over all else can take many forms: not everything needs to adhere to the ultra-minimal modern aesthetic, but if it can be used easily by the target audience, or even better yet a wide portion of the population, then it is a successful design. Adding more aesthetic elements can become superfluous is they do not fulfill any functional roles. Each addition to a page’s layout adds an element that will demand some attention - adding too many elements can distract from important calls-to-action and navigational items. In short, a website should strive to be aesthetically pleasing, but functionality should rule the day in most design decisions.

Jul 17 2015

When developing a website, there is a tool to use to gauge interest in a particular feature without having to build out the entire functionality of the feature. This is called a feature stub. Using a feature stub allows web developers to see if the demand for new functionality is enough to warrant the time investment in building additional capabilities into a site. A feature stub can take the form of a button or call-to-action; when the user clicks or interacts with the feature stub, it will usually redirect to a page explaining that the feature is in development or coming soon. The webmaster or developer can track the site traffic to determine how many people have clicked on the feature stub and compare it to overall traffic to see if there is enough demand to warrant building the actual feature. Using this method saves time by prioritizing which features should be built out while providing more information on your users’ desired functionality.

Jul 16 2015

In web design, originality does indeed go a long way. However, much experimentation and originality works because it is supported by long-standing conventions that users have grown accustomed to. For instance, on many pages the sign-out or profile icon is in the upper right-hand corner. By keeping this in mind, pages that use this convention make their layout intuitive to users who are accustomed to this location and as a result using the site is very easy, even for first-timers. Designing with conventions does not have to be limiting - choices for individual site elements may not conform to the current conventions and are better served using their own rules. In the long run, conventions have helped build a consistent language for the web so that users can use almost any site reasonably well.

Jul 14 2015

Having images that are sized specifically for use on the web can help make your website’s appearance much better and also load faster than unoptimized images. Some things to take into consideration are the compression and format used on images as well as the size. Images should be exported to be the smallest size possible without any noticeable quality loss. The PNG (portable network graphics) format provides high quality resolution at lower file sizes. Images optimized for web will load quicker and have color palettes that are optimized for your browser. Also, many websites will have versions of images at double the resolution for use with Retina displays. Provide your web developer or designer with the images you want to use on your website to make sure that they are optimized for web use and will give your website visitors the best experience possible.

Jul 13 2015

It is always important to take regular backups of your site. It is not typical that you would lose information for no reason, but there are indeed things out of your control that could affect your website. At Websnare, we insist on taking regular backups of client sites to ensure that none of their valuable data or pages are lost. This is an investment in your website and making sure that in the event of server errors or compatibility issues, your site can be up and running again as soon as possible.

Jul 10 2015

In designing UI elements, two major styles employed are flat and skeuomorphic (skew-oh-morphic). Flat elements employ clean and clear lines with two-dimensional styling whereas skeuomorphic design imitates physical objects in three dimensions with depth and physical features. An illustration of the contrast between the two is Apple’s redesign of iOS between versions 6 and 7; with iOS 7, and now 8, Apple designers converted the UI to all-flat icons and all of the native apps such as the calendar app to flat design. Previously, the native iOS apps had been designed to imitate their real-life counterparts, now they are flattened to provide a simple experience. Flat design is coming into vogue, lending a polished and modern look to websites and apps employing it. When designing elements for your site, consider what sort of aesthetic you want to convey and if that aesthetic works better with flat graphic elements or ones with depth that look more like real objects.

Jul 08 2015

Google can seem like the final word in terms of the internet pecking order. Companies are constantly vying to be ranked #1, or at least on the front page of any given search results. The art of search engine optimization, or SEO, aims to improve the visibility and rankings of a site in search engine (Google) algorithms. Accomplishing this successfully is a full-time job and requires several constant tweaks. There is something easy you can do to improve your rankings, though: submit your site to Google for indexing. Doing this quick and easy step can help boost your website’s rankings by making it easier for Google’s algorithms to find your site.

Jul 07 2015

If you’ve needed to look something up in a hurry and on the go on your smartphone (chances are probably good that you have, probably already once today), then you know the importance of having an elegant and usable mobile site. A mobile site is not simply a website made smaller; a well-designed mobile site will place an emphasis on clarity and legibility and account for displaying in portrait orientation versus landscape orientation for desktop sites.


Smart Insights reports that at least 80% of internet users own a smartphone and use it to browse retail sites as well as access media sites. However, some companies, almost unbelieveably, have not yet implemented mobile sites. This is not smart, as any difficulties that users have browsing non-mobile sites will usually end up as frustration with the company or brand being visited.

A mobile site will deliver an easy and pleasurable experience by loading faster and being easier to navigate. Buttons and interactive features will be made larger while images will be compressed and made smaller to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to load a given page (saving time and limited mobile data). If you don’t have a website with a mobile version or responsive design, you may be making it more difficult for your customers to use your site and losing out on valuable business.

Jul 06 2015

A responsive web layout is a way to make sure that your website displays properly and elegantly on any browser window size. A responsive layout will rearrange or resize elements on the page to best fit the size of window in which the website is being displayed. Because your visitors will be using a variety of screen sizes and resolutions, you want to be sure that your site displays as intended and that all of your content is visible.


By viewing your website layout as it was intended to be displayed, visitors will have an easier time finding the relevant information they are looking for as well as enjoying a superior browsing experience which will reflect positively on your company and brand. The aesthetics of your layout will be greatly enhanced if columns and content can be rearranged to best suit the dimensions of the window or device that your visitors are using.

Vast improvements have been made in responsive web design with the advent of CSS and HTML5. It is almost rare to discover modern sites that are not responsive. This has allowed companies to use a single site that will display better across all devices and results in better search rankings, robust usability, and most importantly fewer headaches for the developers making the site.

Jul 03 2015

Add a Signup Link on Your Footer or Header

The footer block of your website is a great place to add an invitation for your customers or prospects to join your mailing list. You can add this as text or as an icon such as an envelope. Placing this link in the footer, or even header, is an inconspicuous way to nudge your visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Those who are interested will self-select leading to a more engaged mailing list. Some sites display pop-up dialogs prompting visitors to join their mailing list or even offer discounts or special downloads for joining.

Publish Original Content

Mailing lists aren’t just for selling. To the contrary, the best way to attract and keep engaged contacts is by publishing original content that your audience will find helpful or informative. A periodic newsletter is a great way to give your readers updates on your company and industry and showcase your expertise; by showing authority in your areas of expertise you will be building trust and confidence in your company and brand.

Change Up Your Subject Lines

The subject line of your emails has a significant effect on open rates. One way to fine-tune your subject lines is by using A/B testing: sending half of your list one subject line and half another subject line then comparing the open rates of the two. Most email marketing services such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp will allow you to do a split mailing very easily. Once you have found what phrases, keywords, and styles your list responds to, optimize your email subject lines to reflect them.

Jul 03 2015

Add a Signup Link on Your Footer or Header

The footer block of your website is a great place to add an invitation for your customers or prospects to join your mailing list. You can add this as text or as an icon such as an envelope. Placing this link in the footer, or even header, is an inconspicuous way to nudge your visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Those who are interested will self-select leading to a more engaged mailing list. Some sites display pop-up dialogs prompting visitors to join their mailing list or even offer discounts or special downloads for joining.

Publish Original Content

Mailing lists aren’t just for selling. To the contrary, the best way to attract and keep engaged contacts is by publishing original content that your audience will find helpful or informative. A periodic newsletter is a great way to give your readers updates on your company and industry and showcase your expertise; by showing authority in your areas of expertise you will be building trust and confidence in your company and brand.

Change Up Your Subject Lines

The subject line of your emails has a significant effect on open rates. One way to fine-tune your subject lines is by using A/B testing: sending half of your list one subject line and half another subject line then comparing the open rates of the two. Most email marketing services such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp will allow you to do a split mailing very easily. Once you have found what phrases, keywords, and styles your list responds to, optimize your email subject lines to reflect them.

Jul 02 2015

No other device factors into overall site navigation and usability than the menu. Menus can take several different shapes but all effective menus have one thing in common: they effectively organize information and provide a meaningful overview of the site structure. Websites with fewer individual pages can get by with only one level of navigation, usually displayed as a bar across the top of every page. More complex sites can employ drop down menus with multiple sublevels nested inside of main categories. Sites with ten or more sublevels in each category may employ “mega menus” that expand to show several rows and columns of subpages for each top-level menu item.

Menus walk a balance between being easy to use and displaying all possible information. It is often necessary to compromise between the two to deliver a menu that is usable but still allows quick access directly to the desired pages. Design and styling elements such as contrasting color schemes, highlighting, and hover effects can help point users in the right direction and make menus easier to navigate. Starting with a clear sitemap will make menu structures fall into place and make most decisions about menu structure automatic.

Jul 01 2015

Add Icons to Your Services Page


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-thought icon on your website can certainly save some words and space. Including icons on your business’s website is a great way to communicate the scope of your offerings clearly and quickly in a matter of seconds to a potential customer browsing your site. A graphic designer can tailor icons to match your specific industry and service offerings, giving a polished and professional look to your site.


Simplify Your Copy


Many companies feel the need to explain even granular details about their products and services on introductory pages on their websites. This results in a website that appears crowded and buries the most important points about the company in large paragraphs. The copy (text) in the body of your website should be as concise as possible. Visual aids such as icons and photographs will help get your point across in an evocative manner with far fewer words on the page.


Preserve White Space

Fight the urge to occupy every square inch of virtual real estate on your home page. Most of the time, a good headline and subheading will tell your users right away that they are in the right place. If you have a scrolling homepage with multiple sections, try to limit each section to one short paragraph (under 50 words). If something is so complex that it needs an in-depth explanation, give it its own page and link to it. Homepages should provide a clear overview of who you are and what you do while nudging users towards next steps, calls-to-action, and purchase/enrollment. By giving each item and headline room to breathe, you give your users room to breathe as well and allow them to spot the most important information on your homepage effortlessly.

Jun 30 2015

The issue of accessibility in web design relates to how easy, or even possible, it is for the target group of visitors to use your website. In order to provide a website that is truly usable and accessible, it is crucial to have a good understanding of your target audience. For instance, websites that will have predominantly older visitors - say, something relating to retirement - should employ larger header and body text sizes so that users will not have to struggle to read the text on the site (or go looking for their reading glasses). Similarly, a website geared at children should employ simpler language and use an inviting color scheme.


Designing with your audience in mind will help solve many crucial decisions throughout the design process. Color palettes, word choice, and complexity can all be tuned-up at different levels as dictated by the markets and audience you are trying to reach; using the proper aesthetics for your audience will build trust and goodwill amongst your users. If your company has already gone through a branding and identity exercise, these are things that you will most likely have already figured out.

The ultimate goal for most websites is to make it next-to-effortless for your users to find the information they need in an intuitive fashion. The more appealing and easy-to-use your website is, your audience and customers will enjoy using it more and will respect your brand as well; every customer interaction with your website is also an interaction with your brand. There are best practices to dictate how to make your website more accessible to a given demographic or target group, but also some thoughtfulness and testing are important to nailing a design that works well.

Jun 29 2015

How your information is organized on your website is one of the biggest factors that contributes to usability. Well thought-out menu structures and pages enable users who have never been to your site before to intuitively find what they are looking for with very little effort. It is always worth asking yourself if it is logical to have pages and information where they are.


A tool for accomplishing a clear and successful organization of pages and information on your website is a sitemap. A sitemap is a bare bones chart that shows the location of every page on your website and how it nests into other pages and the overall structure. Creating a sitemap is a good opportunity to understand the scope of your website and consider if your organizational structure is easy for a newcomer to understand. Furthermore, a clear sitemap will make the development process easier by orders of magnitude.


When you are thinking about building a website, start with a sitemap that makes sense and is conducive to the user flow and functionality that is appropriate for your company or industry. It can be good to compare your website’s structure and organization with others in your industry, but also remember that it needs to make sense to your users and the needs of your particular company. Clear organization will be appreciated by all of your users and provides the solid foundation needed for a functional and successful website - be sure to give this step the attention it deserves.

Jun 26 2015

Once you’ve done the hard work of attracting potential customers or clients to your website, you have already made progress towards the goal of new business. After capturing your prospects’ attention, your website needs to give them something to do in order to move them closer to being paying customers or clients. A clear call-to-action on your website will allow prospects to self-select and move themselves through the selling process; a call-to-action can take many forms, a common one is a clickable button or link by which the user can request more information on your company, download a white paper or case study, or sign up for your mailing list.


If the purpose of your website is purely informational, then a call-to-action can still be useful to add more subscribers to your mailing list (you have a mailing list, right?). A clear and simple call-to-action answers the user’s question of “Ok, I’m here, now what?” and provides a clear path for them to take if they are interested in proceeding further. Along the way, things like registration forms or information forms can help you learn more about your prospects as well as assist you in your future marketing by providing more demographic information about your prospects.

Finally, calls-to-action should stand out visually; this is why so many of them appear as colored buttons - they are just itching to be clicked. Making next steps as obvious as possible via a clear and inviting call-to-action takes little effort on the part of users and makes your website’s usability feel intuitive. Whenever and wherever possible, you should be evaluating opportunities for calls-to-action not only in your website, but also in sales collateral and email list messages.

Jun 25 2015

Take your web copy. Now edit it down to half the length. Now edit out half again. Clear and concise copy will go miles in terms of conveying your message to your customers and will also result in an aesthetically-pleasing layout for your website.


The general rule of thumb for the copy (text) on your website is that less is more, as in less copy is more effective. Lengthy copy only serves to distract your users from the important messages and calls-to-action on your website. It is not necessary to explain every detail of your company, product or services on each page of the website; users should be presented with enough information to navigate through your website and know that they are in the right place for what they are seeking.


Clear and concise web copy will also strengthen your brand and make it appear more refined. Contrasting fonts and headline sizes can aid in organizing content on your website. Every unnecessary line of copy places an additional, albeit small, mental burden on your users. Remember to pare down your copy before you start building your website, it will make everything easier in the long run.

Jun 24 2015

The choice of typeface can have a tremendous impact on the way that a company or brand is perceived; aesthetically, typefaces have emotional resonance and can convey information through the design and physical structure of each letter. Similarly, the choice of fonts in web design will affect the usability and aesthetics of your website.


We now have more choices than ever with which to design our websites. In addition to the legacy fonts designed by type foundries of yore, there are fonts designed specifically for legibility on the web and smartphones. Choosing a font for legibility is important as is one that fits with the visual identity and aesthetics of your website.


There are several considerations for the font chosen for body copy (text) on a website: it should provide the proper amount of space in order to make the paragraphs feel uncrowded, contrast with the background, and read easily. Sans-serif fonts, fonts without legs or serifs attached to the characters (the most famous example being Helvetica), have become the go-to choice for many websites as they provide all three of the above characteristics.

However, this is not to say that one size fits all. To the contrary, the choice of font on your website, once it accomplishes the basic requirements, should reflect the personality of your company and resonate with your target audience. This is where a comprehensive brand identity becomes very useful - once you carve out a clear visual identity for your company or brand, these decisions will not need to be revisited as they will already be consistent across your printed materials and website.

Jun 23 2015

A visual brand identity is one of your company’s most valuable assets - your brand communicates the trust, authority, and quality that your company represents and that you work hard every day to maintain. Your firm’s website is an extension of your brand and acts as the handshake between you and new customers.


When it comes to the appearance of your website, it is imperative to apply a clear and consistent visual identity across all pages for several reasons: it reassures users of the trust and quality that your company represents, it reminds users they are in the right place, and it further solidifies your company’s brand identity in their minds.


This can be accomplished by incorporating your logo in the headings on each page within your website, using your brand or logo’s colors as accents throughout the website, and maintaining consistent wording in your copy. When users arrive at your website, they are at one of the last stages of shopping before purchasing from you or enlisting your services; by this point, if you have branded your website, it will already look familiar to them even if it is their first time on the site.


How you go about branding your website will largely reflect the overall properties of your brand’s visual identity. Is it elegant and refined, modern and minimal, or possibly homey and rustic? This will help shape what color palettes to use, how your copy reads, and the images that you use on your website. Your website is a destination that customers will reach as part of the sales cycle and you get to define how that place feels to them.


Several design and structural elements and aesthetic decisions on your website work together to make the site feel right to your customers. If you have a strong visual identity in place, you will have to do less selling and persuading - customers will realize they are in the right place already.

Jun 19 2015

Website expert Steve Krug literally wrote the book on website usability and has been a champion of functionality and ease of use for over a decade. His central point, and personal motto, is this: don’t make me think! This applies to every level of website design from menu structure to the look and feel of each page.


Humans have a finite amount of time and a limited attention span, so the goal of an effective website is to lead users to the information they need in the most economical fashion possible. Each decision that a user needs to make exhausts a finite attention resources with some users giving up altogether if it is too difficult to find what they came for.


Your website is a representation of you and your brand, so any joy and ease that users experience on your website will not only make them happy, it will build up goodwill in their eyes and keep them returning to your site and brand. A good website will be easy to use even for people with limited computer skills or knowledge.


Several aspects will contribute to ease of use. Employing a clear visual hierarchy on the site helps organize information in a way that makes it seem intuitive and that makes users’ interactions almost effortless. Furthermore, site structure should be clear, logical, and reflect how users actually think.


At Websnare, we work closely with clients to craft websites that are accessible to their customers and provide an effortless user experience.  Our thoughtful development process makes sure that users don’t have to think to get what they want, this keeps our clients’ customers happy and coming back time and again.

Find out more about our development process here.

Jun 18 2015

The following information should help you out:

Your Iphone 5 or 5s Camera is not working anymore.
Recently, I realized my front facing camera on my Iphone 5s was not working. I did a bunch of investigation and saw many people thinking this was due to the latest IOS update. It probably is not related.  The fix for my camera was so old-school that I decided to go ahead an add a blog about this as it is not customary and actually really easy to achieve. 

Take your phone out of its case.
Take the iphone out of its case if it is in a case and close the camera app. 

Then power off your iphone - hard power off, using the power button at the top of the phone. 

Locate the front facing camera on the Iphone and apply simple/easy pressure to the lense - Using a clean finger. 

You may feel the camera lense recess into the casing a bit, that is fine. It should not take tremendous pressure, just a simple nudge.

Fire back up your Iphone and try the camera app.

Fire up your Iphone and start your camera app.

If your camera now shows video output and works, you just fixed your issue. I could not believe this actually fixed the issue on my phone but it did. So, I wanted to pass this along to all others who are about to drop money on repairs and are frustrated with the iphone and the latest updates (I spent hours reading people's complaints and frustrations online before finding this fix).


Thanks and please remember we did not design the Iphone, the camera lense issue is not our fault and we take no responsibility for you breaking your phone physically while making this repair. 

Apr 23 2015

With how quickly the world of technology and web development is transforming, ensuring your website is up-to-date with the modern times can seem daunting and exhausting, but it’s also the key to sculpting a professional, polished online image. Unfortunately, first impressions carry quite a bit of clout in the business world, and if your web presence comes across as being behind the times, potential clients will most likely infer that your products/services are dated as well. So, how do know if your website is in need of a facelift? The following information should help you out:

Your Website Isn’t Designed to Be Responsive
There are many devices out there that are designed to access the internet, and the list just keeps on growing. When looking to lure in more clients with your website, it’s crucial that your web page is functional and user-friendly across multiple platforms as many online users don’t solely rely on their laptops for online browsing anymore ; if a prospect pulls up your site on a mobile device and the page doesn’t load properly, read well, etc., the natural reaction is to close your site and move on to the next listed option.

The Graphics and Layout Are Dated
If it’s been years since your site has had a revamp in its design, you might want to think about how you can best enhance the visual elements; unusual fonts and overpowering animation were once interesting ideas to explore, but currently, sleek, clean, and most of all, practical graphics are what users gravitate towards when it comes to websites. In other words, a standout website manages to have captivating aesthetics without distracting the audience from what the page is actually about.

The layout of the website is another major thing to consider; modern sites are constructed to be both convenient for end users to operate and favorable for search engines to crawl. If your navigation and information are not simple enough for your audience to easily figure out, you’ll have a hard time converting any traffic to actual leads, and likewise, if your site has not been optimized with the ideal coding structure, site architecture, and content development, it will be hard for you to rank highly in Google, Bing, etc.

Your Bounce Rate is High
If you look through your analytics and notice your website has a high bounce rate (meaning visitors leave your site after looking at only one page), this means there is probably room for improvement. Hard to read content, irritating advertisements, confusing navigation, unfavorable graphics, and technical glitches are all reasons why users disregard web pages as soon as they land on them.

Your Website Looks Abandoned
If you fail to integrate social media with your web presence, update your product listings, or produce new blog content regularly, users may question if your site is still in working order, and similarly, having broken links or other features that no longer work on your site makes it difficult to cultivate a strong web presence. Adding fresh updates to your web page consistently, as well as fixing any functional issues, lets your audience know you are still here, and these actions are also extremely important if you want to see any of the benefits that SEO offers.

Maintaining a powerful, robust, and modern website is no easy task, especially if your industry knowledge is not very expansive. Luckily, our experts at Websnare, Inc. have been designing and revamping websites for nearly twenty years, and if you’d like to get in touch about your current project, we guarantee we can help you shape it into something truly cutting edge and world class!

Apr 16 2015

If done right, SEO can get your website ranking higher in search engines which generally leads to more traffic, a larger audience, and an increase in sales leads, but the success of your SEO efforts greatly depends on finding the right provider. When searching for the expert that’s right for you, it’s important to create a healthy dialogue to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed; after all, you’re putting quite a bit of trust in someone to help you boost your brand. To help you feel comfortable and assured that you have all of the information to make the right decision, here are a few starter questions to ask your potential candidate:

Do you have references?
As with any service, speaking to past or current clients of a provider can help give you a clear idea of what to expect. Are deadlines met on time? Are the delivered results harmonious with what was originally promised? How is the communication? These are the types of questions that will help you make the best decision, and while some companies prefer to keep their SEO campaigns private and confidential, an experienced industry expert should have at least one client willing to put in a good word.

When will I begin to see improvements in my rankings?
The answer to this can be estimated, but it cannot be set in stone. The reason for this is that there is no guarantee that search engines will crawl and index your website by a specific date, and even when this does happen, there’s no way to predict exactly when the changes will be applied to ranking algorithms. With dedicated efforts, a boost in rankings (as a result of ethical SEO practices) can usually be seen within 4-6 weeks, but anyone who promises anything definite is probably just trying to snag you as a client.

How will you keep me in the loop, and how will I know what my money is going towards?
It’s important to understand both how the communication will work and how the results will be delivered before you agree to sign on with an SEO specialist or agency. Since it does take a bit of time for white-hat, sustainable methods to have a direct benefit, it’s essential you know how your investment will be initially implemented. Generally speaking, weekly or monthly written reports can clear up how your resources are being utilized, what your current analytics are, if/how they’ve changed, and what work needs to be done to get those numbers to an ideal spot. Also, agreeing on deadlines for deliverables (i.e. receiving a technical analysis of your site by the first week) will help you know things are steadily moving forward.

Do you specialize in one branch of SEO, or can you help me cover all of the bases?
There are many sub categories of search engine optimization; local, content, technical, on-page, off-page, etc. are common terms that you’ll hear being passed around in the industry, and typically speaking, it takes an amalgamation of most (if not all) of these to get a company site to rank number one and stay there. There are many firms that specialize in one area, but if you’re starting from scratch or trying to heal poor practices from the past, you’ll have a greater chance of receiving all of the benefits SEO can offer if you invest in someone who encompasses knowledge in all of these areas.

What techniques will you be using to help my rankings?
Even if your understanding of how SEO works is very limited, this is still a good question to ask; first off, it will help weed out the few who still use shady methods (such as keyword stuffing or article farms), and secondly, any reliable specialist shouldn’t have a problem being a little transparent. Just like a good doctor explains to his/her client how a medical procedure will work before starting in, you want to hire someone who takes the time to ensure that you have a basic grasp of what will be done on behalf of your company. This helps you become an active participant in the process, and it allows you to stop and ask questions about something you might be concerned about before it goes into motion.

Also, the more detailed and customized your expert is willing to take your campaign, the more advantageous it will be for your company long-term; this might help clarify why some search engine optimization companies charge only a few hundred dollars for basic strategies and others charge higher rates for a complex approach that’s molded to fit the needs of your specific brand and industry.

It’s fairly well known now that SEO is necessary to create a high level of online visibility, especially for brands in competitive niches, and our team at Websnare, Inc. wants all of our clients to have full faith in our services and abilities. We sincerely care about advancing the web presence of each company we work with, and we’ll be happy to answer these questions, as well as any others that cross your mind, if you’d like to set up a consultation with us!

Apr 08 2015

Here at Websnare, we’ve been recommending Joomla! to our clients for a long time now. We’ve found it to be one of the most versatile and easy to use content management systems out there, and with all of the extensions and in-depth tutorials the platform offers, it’s a standout option no matter what size of business you run or how extensive your technical knowledge is. The new version of Joomla! (3.4) was released back in February of this year, and with it came some major upgrades and improvements. If you’re looking to revamp and enhance your current web presence, here are a few reasons why our web experts recommend this new rendition of our favorite CMS:

Ability to Edit From the Front End
One of the most convenient new features Joomla 3.4 offers is the ability to edit and modify modules from the front end instead of having to migrate into the back end to make a quick change to the text. While you are logged into the backend, there will be an “edit module” icon that appears on the front end after you scroll over the module you wish to edit, and when you click on it, you’ll instantly be able to access and revise your material. This makes it much simpler and quicker to update content on a web page--two qualities that are always warmly welcomed in the online world.

Greater Security
You can feel even more protected and secure using Joomla!; version 3.4 utilizes Upshield code, a unique security feature that thoroughly analyzes the contents of files being uploaded and protects against anything that appears to be suspicious or unsafe.

Implementation of Google’s New ReCAPTCHA Feature
Now you can filter through spam without making your end users sort through an irritating and confusing jumble of letters and numbers. Joomla! now utilizes Google’s improved reCAPTCHA feature (commonly referred to as No CAPTCHA) which uses advanced techniques to distinguish a robot from a real human with a single click of a button, so your site’s visitors can simply check a box that says “I’m a real person” or “I'm not a robot” instead of sorting through the traditional puzzling text (although the original reCAPTCHA version is still supported by Joomla! 3.4 if preferred).

Removable Side Bar Option
This ability to remove the admin bar on the side of the screen allows for greater responsiveness on multiple devices as you can take it down and access the full screen, allowing for a convenient and more flexible experience.

Since the new Joomla! 3.4 rolled out, there are many opportunities for you to boost and advance what your website is capable of. If you’d like a professional team to upgrade your current web project to incorporate these ideal features, or build you an impactful one from scratch, we’ll make sure to design and develop in a way that your site is just as impressive to the public as it is convenient for you to use. Get in touch with us today for a consultation and a fair quote!

Apr 02 2015

The ability to leaf through and invest in products from anywhere, anytime has taken convenience to an entirely new level, and as more individuals are choosing to utilize online shopping, the need for e-commerce is rapidly growing among website owners. Getting your online store set up can be hugely lucrative when done right, but it’s also not as fast and simple of a process as many tend to think. To speed up your progress and make sure you’re heading in the direction of profit, here are a few pieces of advice to consider.

Thoroughly Test Before You Launch
A reputable developer will test all website features for functionality before launching the finished product, but don’t be afraid to include yourself in this process; get behind the site and imagine you are an end user. Do all of the forms work? When you make a transaction, does the receipt/order confirmation immediately show up in your inbox? Is it easy to add and remove items from your cart? It’s important to make sure these small matters work/look exactly how you envisioned, and more importantly, in a way that will be conducive to a consumer’s shopping experience.

Ensure Navigation Design is Easy and Intuitive
As we’ve discussed before on our blog, the navigation design of a web page can make or break a site’s success; end users want to know exactly how to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible, and in some ways, this is even more important when it comes to the world of e-commerce. While some online shoppers enjoy browsing through product pages, many already know precisely what it is they hope to find, so it’s crucial that your site is built in way that makes searching simple and operating second nature. It helps to have clearly defined categories to choose from as well as an obvious search feature planted at the top of your site. Chances are, there are many vendors already selling similar products as your brand, so the more convenience you can offer, the less likely you’ll be to lose leads to competitors.

Generate Traffic with SEO and Social Media
In a dream world, websites would be widely known and easily discovered the second after being launched, but unfortunately, the reality is that it takes a significant amount of time and effort for a new web project to be found in the vast universe of the internet. That being said, properly implementing SEO and social media strategies can help immensely in generating traffic to your domain, raising brand awareness, and increasing sales and qualified leads. SEO ensures your site will be found when consumers search for terms associated with your niche, whereas social media serves as a great platform to promote deals and connect more personally with clientele. Because internet marketing has become such a driving force behind brand visibility, companies really can’t afford to neglect these two areas if they want their sites to be successful amongst the competition.

Be Descriptive About Products
When writing your product descriptions, it will be most beneficial to both curious shoppers and your SEO efforts if you write a vivid, unique description for each product you have listed. Remember, the main drawback that comes from ordering an item from the convenience of your own home is being unable to touch it and try it out first, and explaining each feature in a detailed, identifying way allows customers to feel confident that they have a sound idea of what they are purchasing.

On a similar note, using vague, sparse text to describe the products can be damaging to your search engine optimization strategy as too little content will make it harder for that page to be crawled and indexed. It’s also important to avoid using the exact wording that manufacturers send you with their products as many other providers most likely have the same descriptions on their sites already, and duplicate content is a major reason why domains get penalized.

Include Reviews and Testimonials
Having the option to read the experiences and opinions of others who have bought something through your website will automatically inflate your company’s credibility, and including reviews and testimonials on your webpage adds a tremendous level of comfort for users when making purchases online; having an open platform for customers to leave honest feedback sends the message that you have nothing to hide and helps assure the public that you aren’t in the business of ripping anyone off.

Advertise E-Commerce Security Features
Online stores are becoming infinitely more popular, but even though the reservations users once had are diminishing, there are still quite a few people who are hesitant to give out their credit card details through a website. Plainly stating your mission to protect your customers’ private information, along with the measures you’ve taken to do so, can help relieve doubts about security for those who are sitting on the fence.

To sum it up, your e-commerce project will have a greater chance of being successful if it’s designed to be easy for your end users to find, straightforward for them to operate, and secure enough to protect their delicate data. This advice should give you a solid base to go off of, but if you’re looking for more in-depth guidance, or someone who can build you an efficient online store from the ground up, please get in touch with us! Our experts would love to help your vision fully materialize.

Mar 26 2015

When it comes to writing the text for your own website, it can be difficult knowing where to start, what to include, and how to best say it. Content is a huge part of what makes up a successful online presence as it often serves as the gateway for online users get to know you and your products/services. If you’re struggling to fill in the blank space on your web pages, or if you’re looking to improve what you already have written, here are some points to keep in mind to help make a solid impression on prospective clientele.

Never Keyword Stuff for SEO Benefits
Of course you want to rank highly in search engines for keywords related to your market, but flooding your content with those terms is not the ideal way to go about it. For one, search engine algorithms have been updated to detect specific phrases being overused, and doing so can result in a penalty to your domain. Secondly, it will sound awkward and unnatural to your readers, and in turn, they may overlook any value your writing offers. Keywords should be used organically in order to flow smoothly in the text, and if you’re writing content that’s relevant to your brand, you should have no problem fitting in a decent amount of keywords without having to try too hard to “sneak” them in.

Answer Your Readers’ Questions
In order for your web content to be truly useful to your readers, it helps to think about what they are expecting and hoping to find by visiting your site. What qualifications do you have? What prices do you charge? What do your services involve? What’s your return policy on products? What about references or testimonials? FAQ? These are the kinds of questions customers like to clarify before they are really sold on a specific brand, so before you start drafting, think about what you would want someone to know who has no idea who you are or why you’re the best choice. In other words, your site should be just as informational as it is promotional.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
This tip should go without saying, but it’s surprising how many websites are abundant with typos and spelling/grammar errors. While you probably aren’t going to deter a customer if you misplace a period or comma here and there, too many oversights can make you appear unprofessional and apathetic when it comes to your work. If you have someone on your team who is willing to give your content a final proofread, be adamant about taking advantage of that. It’s never easy editing your own writing, but if this is your only option, take a lengthy break from your work before you hit “publish” so that you can read through it again with a fresher set of eyes.

Allow Your Content to Reflect Your Brand
Your writing style and voice should clearly reflect the overall image of your brand. For example, if you’re involved in a corporate field, your content will most likely be better off sounding clean and professional, whereas if you’re operating in a more casual niche, it might resonate more with your target audience if you use looser language and incorporate a sense of humor or personality; the point is to harmonize your writing style with the kind of public perception you hope to create with your online presence.

When It Comes to Length, Find a Happy Middle Ground
The online world moves fast, and because of this, it’s important to write your web page content in way that is clear and concise enough to hold your reader’s attention while, at the same time, offering adequate details and information. Also, because of new algorithm updates, search engines are now penalizing domains whose text is skimpy and sparse, and while there is no golden number, try to keep your landing pages around 400-600 words. To make your content easily understandable at a glance, break up your wording with sub headings, bullet points, italics, etc. as nothing scares a reader away from a page quite like a long chunk of straight text.

Considering Hiring a Professional?
While it is rewarding to write your own web page content, sometimes time just isn’t on your side. If you need a helping hand, our content development department can help you come up with the right words to represent your company through your site. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do, please get in touch today for more information!

Mar 19 2015

Having a functioning website is an undeniable necessity when it comes to establishing an online presence for your business or organization, but with how many sites exist today, it can be tough getting yours to stand out. The good news is that there is no shortage of ways to improve a website, and in fact, many of these techniques are rather simple. Here are a few ideas to consider that will help polish and tune-up your current web project so that it doesn’t just blend in with the rest:

Use Professional, Unique Photos
It’s not difficult to distinguish professional, original photos from creative commons, and the level of quality between these two categories tends to be worlds apart. As large of a universe as the internet is, it’s not uncommon to see the same stock photo pop up on websites that represent similar industries, so consider hiring a professional photographer to supply you with images that will be yours and yours alone. This will help the visual appearance of your site become more sleek, unique, and creative for your audience to look at.

Make an Engaging Welcome Video
Even in the digital age, users still appreciate seeing the human behind the brand, and an effective way to connect with prospective clients is to create a short welcome video to display on your website. Whether you just want to have the CEO address the basics of your business, or you want to create a video that introduces all members of the team, the point is to be engaging, approachable, and relatable; too many company welcome videos feature dry speeches that fail to be enthusiastic about the services and products being discussed. If you don’t exude excitement for your offerings, how can clients? (Keep in mind that it’s important to upload the video so that it doesn’t start playing automatically as this is something that can drive users away from your page.)

Update Your Logo to Fit Modern Design
Logos are one of the first resources companies utilize to create brand recognition and awareness, but many businesses fail to occasionally update their logos as the years pass by. It’s important to keep your image looking sharp and current, especially online, so take a look at what you’re currently working with and consider if a revamp would be beneficial. Because clients become familiar with how your brand is represented, don’t feel as though you have to rebuild the entire thing; instead, try to think about enhancing the existing product and making sure it is up to date with modern design.

Ensure Your Web Design is Responsive
Because desktops and laptops are no longer the main outlets online users opt for when surfing the web, it’s necessary to design or upgrade your site to function across multiple browsers as well as be responsive on game consoles, mobile devices, etc. This will help you stand out amongst competitors who have not built their sites to reflect the needs of the modern times, and it will prevent you from losing clients to competitors who have.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag a Little
While modesty is an admirable trait to have, it’s not ideal when promoting your brand through your website; don’t be afraid to say you’re the best or that you can deliver exceptional results. That’s not to say you should be arrogant and flaunt unrealistic promises, but it’s crucial to write your web content in a way that the reader automatically senses that you have absolute confidence in your company’s abilities. For example, instead of saying “we can try to help”, say “we will help”. The more you express that you believe in the quality of what you offer, the more likely clients will have faith in you as well.

When it comes to intensifying your website, there are many actions you can take to create a stronger and more effective result. By working daily in the world of the web, we’ve seen what works and what falls flat, so if you’re interested in some expert advice or guidance, get in touch with us today! We’ll gladly help you put your best foot forward.

Feb 12 2015

It’s no longer a secret that utilizing SEO can help your brand reach a wider, more diverse audience by allowing your website to appear more visible in Google, but because the industry is ever-changing, many companies are left working with misinformation or dated techniques which can lead to stagnant or even lower rankings. To help you improve your search-ability and prevent penalties from search engines, our experts are here to reveal some of the most common mistakes to avoid when it comes to SEO.

Feb 05 2015

By now you're probably well aware that utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is an integral part of expanding your brand's recognition and online visibility, but developing an effective social media strategy means more than merely setting up an account and occasionally posting a picture or status update. Your social networking campaign, ideally, needs to to help you connect better with both existing and prospective clientele, and if you feel that your current approach could use some renovation, here are a few tips to help you stay on the right track.

Jan 29 2015

A monumental part of achieving success with your website and online presence is creating a friendly user experience for all of your visitors to work with. If a site loads leisurely, is difficult to use, or is hard on the eyes, there are countless other web pages that can be found just as easily as yours. To keep consumers on your page and interested in what you have to offer, here are a few tips to help boost your site’s usability and convenience factor:

Jan 21 2015

It's common sense that putting your time and money into a website for your business or organization is only worth it if you're going to have an audience, and obviously, the more people who are visiting your site, the more return you should see on your investment. While there are many paid tools you can use to increase your web traffic, there are also quite a few organic ways to raise awareness of your brand and bring in more online users. In general, people tend to be much more open minded about what you're offering if they feel like they've discovered you on their own without an aggressive sales approach being pushed on them. That being said, here are a few tips to naturally put more eyes on your site and increase your qualified leads.

Jan 13 2015

Happy belated New Year, everyone! 2015 arrived quickly, and with it came quite a few changes here at Websnare. It's been a while since our last blog post, and we're happy to report we've welcomed a few new team members to help grow and expand the services we offer; we're still here if you need expert web design and development, but now we can help you take your website further and magnify your web presence after your project is complete. Here is what's new with us:

Sep 12 2014
This is a tutorial about the use of Joomla Media Manager in version 3.3 - along with some other tidbits.
Jul 25 2014

Spokeo stole money from my account this week

I am writting this blog post while waiting for a call back from the legal team at Spokeo. They took two charges out of my personal account over the last week. I called and was told I was issued a refund that will re-appear in my account in 7-10 buisiness days. Basically, take my hard-earned funds, keep them for interest and then return them. However, if I had not seen the fraudlent charges on my account it would have continued indefinetly. I have no earthly-idea how they got my information, but I do know that I never signed up for anything spokeo in my life. After looking on Google.com for others who have suffered this thievery, I found this: About 1,090,000 results : take a look at this.

Jul 23 2014

Well some things just happen - life, love, happy etc. Good design can help these emotions become conversions. Just like I proposed to the girl I love and she said yes! That is the life and love part :)

Yes, this blogpost is not really about development or websites, but my life.

Jul 16 2014

graphic design | logo example | first-place award for logo design | denver web design

Yep at the National Speleological Convention - 2014 - My logo for IWIC won first place. This was a project I took on for free for an organization I believe in. I am so happy that it actually was shown, but I never imagined it would win First Place! Logo Development has always gone hand-in-hand with graphic and web development - I guess I learned something over all these years!

Jul 10 2014

So today I thought I would start with a blog post about my workspace and environment. I thought it might be nice for our clients and prospective clients to see where I do my labor. Many of our clients are surprised by the amount of equipment we use to produce our products. This is my desk, where I work while I am at our office. I tend to hyper-focus on web development and design work while I sit at my desk on typical days. There are those days that are the exception to the rule, but if I am at my desk I am typically working hard on client projects or finalizing deals.Websnare Work Space | Denver Web Development and Design

Jul 09 2014

Well yesterday was my 46th birthday! I spent the entire day in meetings, basically double-booked. It ended up being an incredibly productive day! In 24 hours we have secured 4 new web development projects - all very exciting! Our development process does not discriminate by profit, or client. We look at each client as an equal - if you are our client, you are our client - you get the same treatment as all of our clients! Customer Service is what we are built upon- we know it makes the difference! Our Content Management Systems are refined and easy to use/edit systems that we customize to meet our client's needs!

Jul 02 2014

So, lately Websnare, Inc. has been working diligently.
Lots of new projects.
We have new a deployment and maintainence solution for an existing enterprise-level system.

Including making available to our customers: LMS course development, learning managmement systems and ecommerce ecommerce solutions.

Jan 06 2014

Quick blog from inside the Coffee Shop.  Sitting at Vic's in Boulder writing some code for use in a current project.

I learned a bunch just sitting here - Boulder is wierd...I love it. 

Trying to manage a bunch of projects and developers has its challenges and rewards.

Websnare feels a constant need to better ourselves and our work; not in a cycle of never obtainable goals but one well worth striving towards. 

Jan 06 2014

So it has been an amazing last few days. Really tons going on currently for Websnare, Inc. We have had the busiest summer ever. Lots of amazing new clients and a some challenging projects.

Excited and learning!

The newest projects on our plate will be fantastic web resources and think-tanks for ideas. Challenging designs and architectures with professional expectations.

The social media integrations and community like feature-sets are combined to bring a real CMS backbone with very versitile integrated aesthetic templates. 

Jan 06 2014

Lots going on with Websnare these days! Exciting stuff!
We have been working with many local businesses to establish our working base here in Boulder, Colorado. Since, we moved our home-base to Boulder we have been met with many great clients who are also our friends. We feel very blessed and happy to oblige.

Jan 06 2014

Just figured I had a second for a blog post. Figured I would just mention what I was working on etc. 

I have a client currently: http://bizooti.com  - a new website idea - basically you escrow money with bizooti, and they try to find you the best deals for your dollar.  Interesting project - seems to be a great idea so far!

I put in a few hours with bizooti this morning. 

Jan 06 2014

Today, we are happy to announce that Websnare, Inc. is now able to provide our clients with voice recognition software customized for our clients websites. Each client has a unique set of requirements and experience. The Voice Recognition software is customized for each client's specific needs and wants.

Jan 06 2014

Election day is over - and now the world can get on with the agenda. 

Many were holding their breath to see the outcome of the elections before making business decisions. 

Currently we are working on a bunch of websites!

Jan 06 2014

Fall is certainly here in Colorado this 2012. We have woken up to snow on the grass and the nights are certainly cooler. The fall colors are present and it will not be long until we see the skiers all jammed up on Interstate-70  It is a sad and cicular revolution that drives people to sit in endless traffic jams to then be hoisted up a mountain for the pleasure of simply sliding down it, to repeat and repeat and repeat. Going where tons have gone before, only because they want to show their friends how much better their eco-killing gear is compared to others, or perhaps they are trying to impress that certain someone with their athletic prose. Either way, this ski season in Colorado expect to see the iphone and the android phone on the ski hill. I am curious how much WiFi access there is on the ski hills this upcoming year? 

Jan 06 2014

This week has been busy for Websnare, Inc. Lots of current development projects. It seems every project is at a different stage of the development process. Basically, lots of "balls in the air" - and I am trying like crazy to not forget or overlook obvious items. I have clients with issues that need attention, and there is the need for constant prioritization, attention to detail and consistent quality. The greatest current challenges I am finding to be with communications - it takes time no matter how you do it. If I write my communications down and delegate it is efficient, but still take effort and time out of my day. Time really is the commodity that is non-renewable. I love my iphone (4s) and my Ipad - both of which are fantastic tools for communications. Regardless of all the technological advancements communications is still a hurdle. Comprehension and perception of what is communicated can be a risky variable. Websnare is aware of these possible "speedbumps" to projects and are working to develop a sure-fire way of comprehending our clients needs and wants, and then dissemination of that information to our development crew. 

Jan 06 2014

Well I have received a bunch of calls about Mobile applications or Mobile Apps lately and thought a blog post might help to answer some questions. 

1- I think mobile applications are great, but mostly they are either sales tools or whittled down versions of websites.

Jan 06 2014

I have recently purchased a few different Apple mobile devices. I have a short comparision of these items below.
The Ipad 2, and the Iphone 4s (with Verizon service).  My cell phone was meticulously mistakenly cleaned by the washing machine.
I needed a new Mobile Number so I can support my clients while traveling. Although, I should digress here to explain my prior Cell Phone was far from a smart-phone.

I was lucky to work out a fair-trade with clients for both of these devices. 


Jan 06 2014

Today, I am wrapping up a week of great work and looking forward to a nice trip to some of my favorite caves.  Yes, you read correctly - Caves.

I love caving, spelunking or underground exploration. I have been doing it most of my 43 years, and it is where I feel most spiritual. 

Everyone seems to have their own special niche and Cavin' is mine. It started when I was 8 years old and my father took me to Mammoth Cave National Park. I fell in love pretty much immediately and started reasearching and exploring caves near and far. My life is really pretty simple. I am a father, a caver, and a computer professional. Caving fits perfectly into this equation, it removes me from my computer and gives me a great recreation and scientific study outside of my computer that I can enjoy with my son. I also love that it truely removes me from my computer and email while I am underground. I can then utilize my computer to help compile resources and mapping when I am back above ground. My son has also grown to enjoy this passion. It fits his personality pretty well, as to him the cave is a large jungle-gym that challenges him and gives him something to dream about. 

Jan 06 2014

The latest news on web design and development:

Apple Ipad3 - sold out prior to launch - basically the Ipad 2 with 4g and higher resolution display is completely sold out during the preorder. 


Facebook is being sued by Yahoo - this is a big blow to Facebook as it seemed to be on quite a roll after its survival against the Google Law Suite.

Jan 06 2014

Today's topic is Content Management Systems. Better known to developers as CMS. They can greatly expedite the development time of a website - what used to take months can now be done in a few clicks. 

If you are using the correct system, and know your way around their interface, the web world can become what you envision instead of what your developer envisions. Note:At Websnare we aim to create the website you want!

That said, there are a few noteable CMS "flavors" out there. 

We are going to make a quick list and continually modify this post to accomodate new changes and updates. 

Jan 06 2014

This will be the last blog post for 2011. What a year. 
Websnare grew tremendously over the last year.

We are all pleased with the advancements we have been able to achieve and bring to our clients.

We have learned tons and look forward to a prosperous and challenging 2012.

We know that the technology due to break-out in 2012 is mind-boggling.

Jan 06 2014

Boulder Colorado certainly has its share of web developers and programmers. There is no doubt that there are some very intelligent people who reside in Boulder. There are some wonderful web developers and people with a real talent for design. Websnare is always happy to assist or commit to a project with the right developer(s).

Jan 06 2014

The snow fell last night, and is still falling as I write this blog entry. 

Today I feel fortunate, to have a sucessful business doing what I enjoy and working with the best clients in the world!  I feel very lucky to be able to work in a field I enjoy. 

Jan 06 2014

So I read the news today .. Oh Boy...

Steve Jobs - thank you and you will be missed.

An amazing CEO - an amazing person in our modern world.

I wish I had gotten the chance to meet you.

You certainly had some of my hard earned cash.

The other news is  alarming.

Jan 06 2014

Just another blog entry about web development and design in Colorado October 2011.Since Websnare opened our satellite office we have been busy trying to attend to the dedicated service our clients deserve. We stand by our service to our clients and realize that our firm is only as good as our last representation of our abilities. These days in Colorado I see more web-developer-production-lines ( web designers with a program that generates websites which they will never be able to decipher the code that is spit out of the program), and fewer real focused on customer experience web developers who generate their own code, or at least can modify the code they create. Websnare has been around for over 15 years. We have constantly tried to support our clients - by not only training and instruction, but also the advancement of technology, the scripting of customized code and integration of our systems with theirs. It is our goal at Websnare to provide a valued service -- second to none in the world of web development and internet consultation. 
All in all, the new office has worked out great. There are a few things I would like to share about our infrastructure that will let you understand how we integrated to multiple offices.

  1. 1- We use Comcast for Internet and Voice (we dont do T.V.)(( NOTE WE HAVE CHANGED PROVIDERS IN 2015 ))
Jan 06 2014

Google Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Friendly URLS (web addressing) has become a field of its own. There are many different variables that go into quantifying Google's search results.

Google keeps the formula for search engine ranking secret so people do not exploit this.

Trying to trick Google or other engines is refered to as Black Hat, the opposite of this is called White Hat.

Jan 06 2014

Well as the blog title suggests, SEO practices seem more common than ever amoung our clientel.

Website Maintenance

CMS systems - Content Mangagement  Systems can be complex and require up-keep to continue running correctly.

Jan 06 2014

We decided to try to reinstate the blog feature after the rebuild. So this is my first new Blog Entry. 


Today is Friday, and most of my day was consumed by trying to organize next weeks work-load. 

I have a bunch of sites in development and a few more sales in "the cooker" at the moment. 

I really hope they pan out. 


Aug 30 2013

So today I am sitting at Vic's it is 4:20 on a Friday afternoon. My weekend is planned out, my work is cut and dry. I have been listening to the table next to me discuss predictive mathmatics for finding and predicting weather patterns.  

I keep hearing things like, "The natural question that comes to my mind..",  "If you put out hexagonal nodes you will certainly get stretching, but the sphere...., must use a radius function...", "...In the XYZ  node if we rappell to the disc,... the cluster nodes of the disk, we drop nodes in the program.. blah blah blah" 

Jul 04 2012

It's the Fourth of July today. I am going to a few different meetings today and working on multiple different website projects.  I have current projects that range from simple websites to magazines to very large e-commerce sites. Many of our new websites have a social media elements included in their architecture.

Websnare seems to be growing daily. We communicate with one or two new clients a day most of these clients have specialized projects that require advanced programming or intense web development needs. 
Apr 24 2012

Today there was a huge settlement in a lawsuit in Texas. The summary of the story goes, someone did not like someone else and posted a bunch of malicious stuff as an anonymous poster...they lost the suit and have to pay 14 million dollars by court order. The cincher here is that the post was made Anonymously - which is never has the anonymity you might expect.  Basically, the First Amendment Right to Free Speech are being questioned by this ruling. If you say what you want, and if you say it anonymously; you can still be held accountable, and pay DEARLY.  Remember Orwell and 1984, Big Brother is watching, and he knows your name regardless if you do. The Patriot Act is in full swing and regardless of your intention or behavior you are being scrutinized.

Mar 21 2012

If you walk into pretty much any coffee shop in the USA you will see a bunch of tech-absorbed geeks tooling away on their tech gagets. The life and times of a coffee drinker in the US has changed drastically. There are entirely new methods for finding a good coffee house and a good seat in your favorite venue. Basically, if your a tech user the bandwidth or internet WiFi makes a tremendous difference in your choosing the correct coffee house. If they do not have WiFi and their coffee is unreal.. you'r still heading to Starbucks. (I am not a great fan of Starbucks - only because I realize that Starbucks has put a ton of mom&pop type shops out of biz).

Starbucks aside, the local coffee shop(s) that has survived the Starbucks onslaught should find itself hosting coffee and services to a more tech-heavy crowd then ever before. This type of tech-dom is amoung us and is never going to leave. Coffee fuels code!