Mark A Rabin

Mark Rabin, GD ETP. has always exuded a profound passion for computers, and it's his high level of enthusiasm and integrity, along with his human approach with his clients and team, that has lead Websnare to be on the cutting edge of web design and development for nearly twenty years. He uses the drive and perseverance he brings to every one of his web projects to help him pursue his other main interest as a caving enthusiast. When he's not looking deep into his monitors or digging into any caves, Mark enjoys spending time with his son and the people who envelop his world with love and support his energetic dedication to his craft.

Velu J

Velu J has sound experience in visual design, user interactive design, and front-end design and development technologies. He takes great pride in exceeding his valuable clients' expectations and providing them with quality development that finds the perfect blend of functionality and creativity.

Velu and Mark met at a coffee shop in Boulder, CO and became dear friends. Many years later they work together daily to bring some of the finest development on the planet!
When he's not at his computer diving into code, he loves taking long drives with his family, getting to spend time with his daughter, and going on adventurous treks in the forest.


Micah Ball

Voice Over and Narration Production / WordPress and Multimedia Development. Micah possesses a diverse skill-set beyond his 16+ years of voice work, including emcee/announcer services for live events, audio post-production, copy-writing, seo/analytics and website/content development. He is also known to swing a strong hammer and mix a mean cocktail. Micah has spent his life so far dedicated to exploration and discovery; seeking new places in the wilderness and the world at large. He prefers to travel off of the beaten path. When away from the microphone, Micah enjoys spending time with his son- caving, backpacking, rafting, and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains and travelling to new places.

Tom Randolph

Tom Randolph has close to three decades of experience in computer software, information technology and IT management, and multimedia software development and management. Before lending his knowledge and talent to Websnare, Tom served as board advisor for Fujitsu Limited and NTT Data. He helped lead the development of the original multimedia PC System with CD-ROM (FM Towns Multimedia Personal Computer) in Japan, and he, along with Creative Labs, Microsoft Corp. and Bill Gates, helped set the U.S. standards for multimedia software and hardware while serving as a board member for Multimedia PC Council in 1989. After helping to develop numerous international multimedia products in Japan, Tom continued to influence the multimedia world by founding Lanpro Localization Center Corp. and Interactive Artists, LLC., the latter of which went on to produce one of the first interactive music concerts. In 2004, he put together a digital imaging team under FrameFree Technologies, Inc., and his efforts to blend music and mixed media continued when he helped form Kerner Technologies in 2008. When he's not transforming the technological world, Tom enjoys raising his children, caring for loved ones, spending time in the garden, and helping correct the mistakes of modern science.

Roscoe Ferguson

Roscoe Ferguson is a Graphic Designer and Developer with a passion for beautiful, functional websites.
He specializes in art direction, UX/UI, design and front-end web development.

He began building websites while studying art and design at the University of Colorado in Boulder and has since since cultivated that degree into a career spanning startups to fortune 500 companies. 

Over the last decade Roscoe has stayed at the forefront of web technologies. Working in the heart of silicon valley led him to appreciate clean functional design and agile development. He can brand your site, write your code and put you at ease that your project is in good hands.

When he's not basking if front of the glow of a flat screen monitor, Roscoe has interest in sustainable agriculture. He enjoys organic farming, permaculture, climbing, music and creating art.

Adam Johnson

Adam K. Johnson graduated in the summer of 2014 from the University of Wyoming with his Bachelors of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics. After working as a Wellsite Geologist/Geochemist in the oil and gas industry for about a year, the downturn in oil prices has led him to pursue opportunities in the technology industry.

Throughout college, Adam was involved in many different groups and clubs. He was the Production Editor for a Literary and Arts publication, the vice-president for the Casper College Geology Club, the former Chairman of Hole in the Wall Grotto (Wyoming Chapter of the National Speleological Society), and has interned at Yellowstone National Park describing lithological variations in the different eruption events that have occurred through time.

His involvement in these projects and activities have given him the experience to manage projects professionally and to be great at helping clients see there vison come to life. He enjoys traveling, concerts, science, caving, backpacking, rock hounding, photography, playing guitar/music, reading, and collecting records.

Wayne Rouse

Wayne Rouse, a senior software architect and solution designer brings over two decades of software development experience to the Websnare team. Programming since his early days in middle school, Wayne’s constant curiosity and quest for knowledge culminated in a Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. In addition to formal education Wayne also earned a number of computer certifications through self study and continuing education including: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified System Admin (MCSA), Network Engineer (MCSE), Database Administrator (MSDBA), Solution Developer (MSCD), and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). With a passion for solving problems and creating software, Wayne has helped a large number of organizations solve tough problems. Previous clients include: Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control, Alberta Health, Cerner Health, Citrix, Paychex, Cigna, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Walt Disney, Riviera Hotels and Casinos, and many more. Wayne is a self starter that works well on small and large teams. Current passions include programming using the new HTML5, Javascript, CSS stack to make cross platform mobile applications for organizations that want to realize the dream of having an application on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. In his free time Wayne enjoys playing music in a local Denver band called, “The Shakes” and may be coming to a neighborhood near you!

Mark Pippins

Mark Pippins has two decades of software development experience in high-performance environments, having worked on high-frequency trading systems, clinical trial analysis systems and mission critical subsystems in complex software topologies. He has an agnostic attitude toward technology, seeing each business problem as unique and worthy of being solved with the most appropriate tool set. Originally a Delphi developer in the investment banking sector, he moved to Java in 2000, initially focusing on rich client applications and ultimately expanding to applications based on web frameworks. Rather than focusing exclusively on technology, Mark often wears the analyst's hat, focusing on business processes and user expectations first and then delivering solutions that streamline tasks and operations in an intuitive way. Away from the computer, Mark can often be found chasing the sun on a recumbent bike, deep in the mud on a mountain bike or listening to music. "All styles all the time" being the preferred genre.

John Hammen

John has an MSEE and 15+ years experience as an IT and web developer, specializing in Java and JavaScript technologies. During this time he has brought modern technology to literally dozens of clients from small startups to large corporate and governmental organizations. His current technology interests include the new batch of advanced JavaScript frameworks as well as all kinds of mobile development. He has had a lot of fun at Websnare leveraging the latest mobile web hybrid technologies (e.g. jQuery Mobile, Cordova/Phonegap) to build truly responsive mobile applications. When not coding John moonlights as recording engineer and soundman for a variety of local Denver bands.

Larry Harte

Larry Harte graduated from Vanderbilt University and has worked in a variety of entrepreneurial adventures, government roles, and non-profit boards.  With a passion for helping businesses grow and delivering exceptional customer service, his focus recently has been on creating strategic business connections - focusing on managing, connecting and expanding businesses.

Career highlights include selling his first company in 2000, enjoying 10 years on the Glendale City Planning Commission, 8 years as mayor in the City of Glendale, 8 years as the CEO of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, and serving on boards of the Denver/Boulder BBB, Livewell Colorado, the Tour de Cure, the YMCA, among others.

His interests include family, architecture, history, music, health, soccer and riding his bike in the mountains.