Tom Randolph

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Tom Randolph has close to three decades of experience in computer software, information technology and IT management, and multimedia software development and management. Before lending his knowledge and talent to Websnare, Tom served as board advisor for Fujitsu Limited and NTT Data. He helped lead the development of the original multimedia PC System with CD-ROM (FM Towns Multimedia Personal Computer) in Japan, and he, along with Creative Labs, Microsoft Corp. and Bill Gates, helped set the U.S. standards for multimedia software and hardware while serving as a board member for Multimedia PC Council in 1989. After helping to develop numerous international multimedia products in Japan, Tom continued to influence the multimedia world by founding Lanpro Localization Center Corp. and Interactive Artists, LLC., the latter of which went on to produce one of the first interactive music concerts. In 2004, he put together a digital imaging team under FrameFree Technologies, Inc., and his efforts to blend music and mixed media continued when he helped form Kerner Technologies in 2008. When he's not transforming the technological world, Tom enjoys raising his children, caring for loved ones, spending time in the garden, and helping correct the mistakes of modern science.

Last modified on Jan 25,2017
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