Websnare's domain services for your website can help you start out on the right path or get you there. We have helped thousands choosing and managing their domains, and would love to be there for you. A domain is your spot on the internet and that's why it's importain that you have the style, security and the name that fits you. When making a website everything starts with your domain!


What is a domain

A domain is a websites address, just like your home has an address so does a website. The domain also needs to be linked to a server, the server is the home of the website.

There are several names you can choose for your website the most popular being .com .net & .org, you can also choose from hundreds of domains such as .info .club .me and others.


Domain services

We offer:

Domain discovery to find the right site name for you

Domain Registration and website hosting

Domain appraisal

Domain security