Ongoing Maintenance for Your Website is Crucial to Your Business's Success

Staying up-to-date with regular maintenance for your site is necessary for presenting a professional business image, preserving your good standing in search engines, and keeping your security software intact, but unfortunately, many site owners view it as an extraneous business expense that can easily be overlooked. It's not always their fault, though; most people simply don't know the reasons behind the importance of updating their site. If you fit into this category, arm yourself with knowledge by informing yourself on why regular web maintenance is so critical to your brand.

It Reflects Your Image.

In the business world, public images and first impressions are everything, and your company website is often where clients first get to know you and your products. Failing to regularly update your site will make it appear unkempt, uninspired, dated, irrelevant, etc., and customers are going to assume that you, as well as the products and services you offer, are all of these things as well. Take pride in your site the same way you would a brick and mortar business; refresh the design to keep it modern and sleek, fix any functional errors or broken links, keep your list of prices and products/services current, and update your blog with relevant news regarding your company and industry. Presenting yourself as both reliable and useful helps to increase your number of repeat clients and lure new ones it, too.

Maintenance Helps You Rank Higher in Search Engines.

Because search engine algorithms are frequently updated, it's important to make the necessary changes to your site to avoid a drop in rankings. On a similar note, search engines thrive on fresh content, so it's critical to consistently update the text on your web pages with new information and remove any facts or data that are no longer accurate in order to maintain or improve your position in Google.

You Don't Want Outdated Security Features.

To protect your customers and your site form malware attacks and other harmful hacking attempts, it's important your site is equipped and updated with modern security features as outdated versions can leave you and your users vulnerable.

When it comes to website maintenance, Websnare offers great deals at a great value. We typically offer this service at a fixed monthly rate for a six-month term.

We provide world-class maintenance services including:

  • Backup
  • Database Restoration
  • Database Repair
  • Content Creation
  • Content Publishing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO only sold with Maintenance Contracts)
  • "Freshness & Updates"
  • General Website Maintenance
  • User Maintenance
  • Error Log evaluation
  • Software and Hardware Updates

...and much more.

We are always learning new technologies and implementing the latest in design, development, and programming for use in our work. We love what we do and love learning new ways to bring cutting-edge services to our clients. Let us help you keep your website running in tip-top shape!