Websnare has been delivering innovative and quality web projects since 1997. We love that this is what we get to do everyday and, more than anything, we love that we get to help world-class clients turn their visions into something incredible and tangible. We implement only industry best practices to ensure the results we provide are always sustainable and fully functional, and we don’t stop working until we’ve exceeded your expectations.

Our team works hard to promote the advancement of each client we work with and we are incredibly proud to offer a wide array of services strengthening any brand far beyond its website launch. Our SEO, marketing, social media, business development, content creation, and ongoing maintenance options make it easy to initiate online success and keep that momentum building up at full speed. At the end of the day, we like to think we’re an honest group of people helping amazing brands realize their full potential; it doesn’t get much better than that!




Mark Rabin is a tech wizard and visionary. His passion for technology and website development coupled with his keen sense of relationship building has been an integral component to Websnare's success for over two decades. When he's not looking deep into his monitors, Mark can usually be found exploring, hiking, camping, caving, or climbing; he absolutely loves the outdoors and getting as dirty as humanly possible. Mark's motto: ``My best vacation is your worst nightmare.`` Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and the people who envelop his world with love and support.


Senior Developer

Velu J has sound experience in visual design, user interactive design, and front-end design and development technologies. He takes great pride in exceeding his valuable clients' expectations and providing them with quality development that finds the perfect blend of functionality and creativity.

Velu and Mark met at a coffee shop in Boulder, CO and became dear friends. Many years later they work together daily to bring some of the finest development on the planet!

When he's not at his computer diving into code, he loves taking long drives with his family, getting to spend time with his daughter, and going on adventurous treks in the forest.


Sales and Project Manager

Micah has been with Websnare since 2013; beginning with voice over production and multimedia creation of e-learning courses, online training, etc. He quickly incorporated WordPress and Joomla development into his workload.

Recently Micah has stepped into the Sales and Project Management roles, combining his knowledge of development with his natural abilities & experience in communications.

Micah also moonlights as a professional voice over/on-screen actor & emcee, and he often brings these talents to Websnare's multimedia and elearning projects.

When away from the computer or microphone Micah enjoys spending time with his son; caving, backpacking, rafting, and snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, as well as discovering new places off of the beaten path...



Business Development

Tom Randolph has close to three decades of experience in computer software, information technology and IT management, and multimedia software development and management. Before lending his knowledge and talent to Websnare, Tom served as board advisor for Fujitsu Limited and NTT Data. He helped lead the development of the original multimedia PC System with CD-ROM (FM Towns Multimedia Personal Computer) in Japan, and he, along with Creative Labs, Microsoft Corp. and Bill Gates, helped set the U.S. standards for multimedia software and hardware while serving as a board member for Multimedia PC Council in 1989. After helping to develop numerous international multimedia products in Japan, Tom continued to influence the multimedia world by founding Lanpro Localization Center Corp. and Interactive Artists, LLC., the latter of which went on to produce one of the first interactive music concerts. In 2004, he put together a digital imaging team under FrameFree Technologies, Inc., and his efforts to blend music and mixed media continued when he helped form Kerner Technologies in 2008. When he's not transforming the technological world, Tom enjoys raising his children, caring for loved ones, spending time in the garden, and helping correct the mistakes of modern science.


Creative Director

Shannon is a professional photographer, artist, architecture junkie, explorer, and recent inductee into the cult of all things Jeep. She spends a lot of time researching Unified Field Theory and navigating between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. Shannon received her Bachelor and Master's degrees in Communications from the University of Denver. Her motto: Do good. Be good. Shannon has two grown children and three (almost four!) gorgeous grandchildren; she lives in Denver with her husband, Mark, and step-son, Caleb. Portfolio: www.shannonreedcreative.com


Director of Deveopment

Roscoe Ferguson is a Graphic Designer and Developer with a passion for beautiful, functional websites.
He specializes in art direction, UX/UI, design and front-end web development.

He began building websites while studying art and design at the University of Colorado in Boulder and has since since cultivated that degree into a career spanning startups to fortune 500 companies.

Over the last decade Roscoe has stayed at the forefront of web technologies. Working in the heart of silicon valley led him to appreciate clean functional design and agile development. He can brand your site, write your code and put you at ease that your project is in good hands.

When he's not basking if front of the glow of a flat screen monitor, Roscoe has interest in sustainable agriculture. He enjoys organic farming, permaculture, climbing, music and creating art.



Business Development

Larry Harte graduated from Vanderbilt University and has worked in a variety of entrepreneurial adventures, government roles, and non-profit boards. With a passion for helping businesses grow and delivering exceptional customer service, his focus recently has been on creating strategic business connections - focusing on managing, connecting and expanding businesses.

Career highlights include selling his first company in 2000, enjoying 10 years on the Glendale City Planning Commission, 8 years as mayor in the City of Glendale, 8 years as the CEO of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, and serving on boards of the Denver/Boulder BBB, Livewell Colorado, the Tour de Cure, the YMCA, among others.

His interests include family, architecture, history, music, health, soccer and riding his bike in the mountains


John has an MSEE and 15+ years experience as an IT and web developer, specializing in Java and JavaScript technologies. During this time he has brought modern technology to literally dozens of clients from small startups to large corporate and governmental organizations. His current technology interests include the new batch of advanced JavaScript frameworks as well as all kinds of mobile development. He has had a lot of fun at Websnare leveraging the latest mobile web hybrid technologies (e.g. jQuery Mobile, Cordova/Phonegap) to build truly responsive mobile applications. When not coding John moonlights as recording engineer and soundman for a variety of local Denver bands.
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