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Getting your project done on time requires diligent and efficient work by the Websnare Team, but we will need your help getting things done on time. Please have all content ready when we begin your project. The longer we have to wait for content and images to be provided, the longer it will take us to complete. We work with a variety of clients at any given time, and we are getting new projects all the time. Having to wait on content can push your project back. If the all the content is provided upfront, it will give us everything we need to complete your project all at once and prevent us from going back between multiple project, which will cause delays due to developer availability.

All text content will need to be submitted in a text format. Using Word or a similar program is fine. The text will need to be proofread before it is given to the Websnare Team. We are not responsible for any spelling or grammar mistakes that may be in the content that is provided. This is to help ensure that we are putting down exactly what you want. Certain sites are filled with jargon that we may not be familiar with. Because of this, we do not change anything in the text bodies that are provided. Please make sure that all content is exactly how you want it.

Images will need to be submitted in the highest resolution that is possible. Certain low resolution images will make your site look bad and might not even work. The project manager will contact you if the images will not work, but this is something to keep in mind while selecting or taking the pictures that you will want in your site.