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Once we complete your build, we will give you access to the site so you can give us feedback and let us know what you think. We will ask for a list of revisions to the site. Make sure that you take your time and mention everything that you would like changed. Once we complete the list of revisions, we will have you take a look one more time to make sure that everything was done correctly and that there isn’t any last minute changes. You will then provide one last list of revisions that we will complete before pushing the site live.

Our policy is to provide no more that two ​rounds of revisions for your project (Unless otherwise specified in the proposal). These revisions will need to be within the scope of the project. Any last minute changes that are complicated and have not been mentioned in the proposal will not be covered by these included revisions. We are more than happy to accommodate you with any major changes to the scope that you feel that you need, but we will need to charge an hourly rate for situations like this. Anything that we were not made aware of can add extra work time that we did not include in the original quote.