Simple Ways to Help Your Website Stand Out

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Having a functioning website is an undeniable necessity when it comes to establishing an online presence for your business or organization, but with how many sites exist today, it can be tough getting yours to stand out. The good news is that there is no shortage of ways to improve a website, and in fact, many of these techniques are rather simple. Here are a few ideas to consider that will help polish and tune-up your current web project so that it doesn’t just blend in with the rest:

Use Professional, Unique Photos

It’s not difficult to distinguish professional, original photos from creative commons, and the level of quality between these two categories tends to be worlds apart. As large of a universe as the internet is, it’s not uncommon to see the same stock photo pop up on websites that represent similar industries, so consider hiring a professional photographer to supply you with images that will be yours and yours alone. This will help the visual appearance of your site become more sleek, unique, and creative for your audience to look at.

Make an Engaging Welcome Video

Even in the digital age, users still appreciate seeing the human behind the brand, and an effective way to connect with prospective clients is to create a short welcome video to display on your website. Whether you just want to have the CEO address the basics of your business, or you want to create a video that introduces all members of the team, the point is to be engaging, approachable, and relatable; too many company welcome videos feature dry speeches that fail to be enthusiastic about the services and products being discussed. If you don’t exude excitement for your offerings, how can clients? (Keep in mind that it’s important to upload the video so that it doesn’t start playing automatically as this is something that can drive users away from your page.)

Update Your Logo to Fit Modern Design

Logos are one of the first resources companies utilize to create brand recognition and awareness, but many businesses fail to occasionally update their logos as the years pass by. It’s important to keep your image looking sharp and current, especially online, so take a look at what you’re currently working with and consider if a revamp would be beneficial. Because clients become familiar with how your brand is represented, don’t feel as though you have to rebuild the entire thing; instead, try to think about enhancing the existing product and making sure it is up to date with modern design.

Ensure Your Web Design is Responsive

Because desktops and laptops are no longer the main outlets online users opt for when surfing the web, it’s necessary to design or upgrade your site to function across multiple browsers as well as be responsive on game consoles, mobile devices, etc. This will help you stand out amongst competitors who have not built their sites to reflect the needs of the modern times, and it will prevent you from losing clients to competitors who have.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag a Little

While modesty is an admirable trait to have, it’s not ideal when promoting your brand through your website; don’t be afraid to say you’re the best or that you can deliver exceptional results. That’s not to say you should be arrogant and flaunt unrealistic promises, but it’s crucial to write your web content in a way that the reader automatically senses that you have absolute confidence in your company’s abilities. For example, instead of saying “we can try to help”, say “we will help”. The more you express that you believe in the quality of what you offer, the more likely clients will have faith in you as well.

When it comes to intensifying your website, there are many actions you can take to create a stronger and more effective result. By working daily in the world of the web, we’ve seen what works and what falls flat, so if you’re interested in some expert advice or guidance, get in touch with us today! We’ll gladly help you put your best foot forward.